How To Sing Like Yungblud (5 Brilliant Tips)

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Music means different things to different people.

To some people, music is a form of entertainment. To others, music is a form of relaxation. But have you ever thought of using music to make a difference in the world?

This is exactly what Yungblud does! To him, music is a means to speak up and fight for a better generation.

Yungblud is a young and fearless musician who expresses himself through music.

If you would like to sing like him, then you’ll have to emulate certain aspects of his life.

In this article, we’ll put you through the things you need to know about Yungblud and the steps to take in order to sing like him.

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Yungblud? 

How To Sing Like Yungblud

The following steps will help in your music career, especially if you want to sing like Yungblud

  1. Be bold and expressive
  2. Go for what you want
  3. Tell your story

Be bold and expressive: If you’re someone who is easily intimidated by people or events, then Yungblud shouldn’t be your role model.

The British singer and songwriter took to his songs to express his thoughts and feelings.

In one of his songs “Polygraph Eyes”, he boldly condemned sexual assault against women.

If you must sing like him, you should be ready to address pressing issues with your songs.

Go for what you want: Yungblud left a performing arts school to focus on his music career.

You may find it difficult to choose from a list of options, especially when music is involved.

But if music is more important to you, you shouldn’t have trouble choosing it over other options that you have.

Tell your story: The majority of Yungblud’s songs were inspired by true-life events.

He told stories of his childhood and life experiences through music. he believed that through his songs, the world would be a better place for mankind.

If you want to sing like Yungblud, you need a story to tell. Not just any story, but one that is capable of changing the world.

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What Makes Yungblud’s Voice So Unique?

 Yungblud believes he can make a difference in the world with his voice.

His voice is unique because it rhymes with each story he tells in his song.

Can Yungblud Actually Sing?

Yungblud is a versatile singer. He is very expressive with his songs and always has a story to tell and a message to send across to anyone who listens to his song.

Since he’s able to address important issues and voice his opinion through his songs, I’d say he is a great singer.

How Did Yungblud Start Singing?

Yungblud, born Dominic Richard Harrison, grew up around music lovers. His father owned a guitar shop and his grandfather played with a 70s rock band, T.Rex.

He has been playing guitar since he was a child, but later moved to London to pursue music as a career at the age of 16.

He writes his songs and can play the guitar, piano, drums, and bass.

Before music, he was on Disney UK’s musical-mystery show, “The Lodge” where he played the role of Oz, a musician who stayed out of town but later came back with a bag full of drama! 

Yungblud went to study in an independent performing arts school in Cheswick, London.

He left the school not long after he enrolled because he felt the school restricted him from expressing himself.

He released soundtracks for the series “13 Reasons Why” and in April 2017, he released his first single, “King Charles”, followed by another single “I Love You, Will You Marry Me?”

In 2019, Yungblud released another EP, “The Underrated Youth” and in 2020, he released his second album.

Currently, he has over 8 million monthly listeners on Spotify. In 2020, he won “Best Music Video” at NME awards for the song “Original Me”.

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What is Yungblud’s Vocal Range?

 Yungblud’s vocal range is A3 – C5 (1.3 octaves).

What Is The Highest Note Yungblud Can Sing?

 It may be difficult to say exactly the highest note Yungblud can sing.

However, significant high-notes from his songs are B5 in the song “Tin Pan Boy” and Bb5 in the sing “Time in a bottle”.

A significant low-note by the artist is F3 in the songs ” Die a little ” and “Doctor Doctor”.

What Are Some Classic Yungblud Songs To Practice? 

Three of Yungblud’s best songs to watch and practice are as follows:

  1. Tin Pan Boy
  2. I love you, Will You Marry Me?
  3. Polygraph eyes

Tin Pan Boy: The song was written by Yungblud and Matt Schwartz, and was released on November 10, 2017.

The music video was released in December of the same year. Tin Pan Boy was inspired by true-life events.

The song is his second single and the third track in his debut EP.

I love you, Will You Marry Me?: This is one of Yungblud’s most popular songs based on a true-life event.

It was released in 2018 as one of the singles in his debut album, “21st Century Liability”.

The song is about a young man who made a painting on the streets about his lover.

Soon, big companies started making money off the painting and left the man to suffer heartbreak after his lover passed, without any form of compensation.

Polygraph eyes: This is a song against sexual assault on young girls. Yungblud emphasized the importance of a girl’s consent before any sexual activity.

He condemned all acts of coercion or manipulation, as he spoke from a male’s point of view. Polygraph Eyes was released in 2018 as one of the tracks in his album, “21st Century Liability”.

Click here to watch.


Yungblud entertained his audience and also aired his view about certain issues with music!

There’s a lot to achieve with music and if you’re someone who has a lot to say, music might just be the right medium to get them off your chest.

So start writing, start recording; the world needs to hear you!

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