How To Sing Like Travis Scott (5 Brilliant Tips)

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Travis is an American rapper and record producer.

This sensational rapper is one of a kind and, his unique talent has made him a regular face on billboards and has also earned him a lot of followers. 

Although Travis is a rapper, he still has amazing techniques that are beneficial to rappers and singers alike. 

If you’re looking to learn new singing techniques, and Travis happens to be one of your favorite guys, then this article is for you.  

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Travis Scott?

How To Sing Like Travis Scott

1. Work on your breath control

Breath control is not just a thing for singers, it is equally essential for rappers as well. 

Most rappers struggle with getting on top of a verse of a song, and this might be due to improper breathing. As a rapper, you need more breath control to sing so many words in such a fast pace. 

There are certain factors such as weak diaphragms, shallow breathing, and a lack of cardiovascular endurance that lead to poor breath control. 

You can enhance your breathing by doing a range of workouts as well. These exercises can help you strengthen your diaphragm, enhance your cardiovascular endurance, and correct shallow breathing.

Here are some exercises that will enable you to have better breath control as a rapper; 

1. To strengthen your diaphragm you can do the following exercises 

  • Breathe in until your lungs are completely full. Allow your stomach to stretch as far as possible.
  • Then, gently begin to exhale while pushing your stomach inside. You will feel the stress on your diaphragm. However, if you feel any form of pain while carrying out this exercise, it’s advisable to stop immediately. 
  • Maintain your exhaled state for about 5 seconds.
  • Then, do the reverse of exhaling air. But this time, stay in your inhaled state for 10 seconds. This process helps to stretch the muscles in your diaphragm, thereby strengthening it.  

2. To correct shallow breathing, here’s an exercise that can help you 

  • This exercise can be done in a push-up position. It is a very simple exercise. The first step is to push yourself up and inhale. 
  • The second step is up push yourself down and exhale slowly. 
  • You can repeat the two steps about ten times or more. This exercise can open up your chest and deepen your lungs capacity. 

3. To improve your cardiovascular endurance you have to engage in exercises such as;

  • Swimming
  • Bicycle riding 
  • Running. 

These exercises help to improve your lung capacity. 

2. Develop Articulation 

Articulation is very important amongst rappers because it ensures clear vocal expression. Articulation is not only necessary when talking, but it is equally important in rapping. 

Being able to communicate your lyrics to your listeners is definitely a necessity. Most rappers aren’t comprehensive, you can hardly pick out what they’re saying. 

Here are some tips that can improve articulation when rapping;

  • The first point to make is that articulation is not sufficient on its own. Articulation necessitates good breath control. 

If you already have good breath control as a vocalist, articulation will be much easier. If you don’t, there are activities you need to engage in that can help you develop good breath control. 

  • Another crucial point to remember regarding articulation is that your posture is very important. To achieve the maximum results from articulation, your posture have to be correct. Standing up straight is the proper posture. This posture has a lot of advantages for your voice.
  • Finally, different exercises like massaging your lips and the hinge of your jaw, are required for proper articulation. Exercise is often done to maintain a healthy body form and tone. This also applies to the voice.

3. Use auto-tones 

The use of auto-tones has become a culture amongst rappers. Auto-tone is a piece of software that corrects singers when they sing out of tune, either live or in the studio.

This software is intended to disguise or correct off-key inaccuracies, allowing vocal tracks to be perfectly tuned despite originally being slightly off-pitch. 

These days, a lot of rappers use it to fine-tune their voices. Some rappers that make use of auto-tones are T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Future, etc.

4. Develop Enunciation

A lot of people mistake articulation and enunciation to be the same thing. Articulation deals with clarity of speech while enunciation deals with proper pronunciation. 

Enunciation refers to how accurately words are said. The way words are pronounced when you’re speaking, singing, or rapping is quite different. 

You need a good enunciation to be able to pronounce all the separate syllables fluidly and quickly enough to stay in time with the beat. Having a good understanding of this will be a major breakthrough for you as a rapper. 

Keeping up with a rapper that struggles with word pronunciation is quite unpleasant to listen to.

Writing great lyrics with a great flow does no good if you keep stumbling over the words. 

The easiest way to improve your enunciation is to repeat lyrics over and over. Keep at it until you can say them confidently with no mistakes, with every syllable under your control. 

5. Practice 

To be a good rapper just like Travis, you have to do a lot of practice. Rapping seems difficult but you will be so amazed how quickly you can learn when you practice consistency. 

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What Voice Type Does Travis Scott Have?

Travis’ voice is an excellent example of a baritone voice.

This is the most common male voice type. Baritones, as is common among men, can also sing in the tenor register if they stretch their vocal range into higher notes.

The baritone is often the lowest vocal range. It is a blend of bass and tenor.

A normal baritone voice would range from A2 to A4, with a low range of F2 and a high range of C5. With proper practice and exercise, baritones can also sing in the upper registers.

In classical music, high baritone repertoire typically extends from A2 to F#4, with the possibility of singing up to A4 or possibly B4.

Travis’s voice is a little higher baritone though. Some well-known baritone rappers include Snoop Dogg, Drake, Slick Rick, and Nate Dogg. 

What Makes Travis Scott’s Voice So Unique?

Just like every other singer, Travis has a unique voice. His uniqueness is based on his rapping style. 

The dynamic rapper has a voice that is deeper than it sounds when he raps, this is because he uses auto-tones almost every single time he sings. 

Auto-tone makes it hard to detect the actual voice of a singer, it just fine-tunes it all the way. One good thing about Scott that is worthy of note is that his lyrics are inoffensive. 

Can Travis Scott Actually Sing?

Travis isn’t a professional vocalist, but he doesn’t have a horrible voice either. To be able to sing with auto-tone and sound as good as Travis, you have to know how to really sing. 

He doesn’t have a fantastic vocal range as well, but he is still good regardless. 

Travis is equipped with techniques that make him sound out such as articulation, breath control, and enunciation. 

Regardless of his use of auto-tones, a lot of fans have made positive comments on how they love his rap style. 

How Did Travis Scott Start Singing?

Scott started making beats when he was only 17 years old. Travis formed “The Graduates” with his old friend Chris Holloway. 

In 2008, he and his old friend Chris Holloway launched their first EP on MySpace. The following year, he founded “The Classmates” alongside OG Chess and released two full-length albums in 2011. 

Scott produced all of the songs on both projects. Scott’s first solo full-length album is a mixtape titled Owl Pharaoh in 2012. He has remained relevant in the hip-hop and rap worlds since then.

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What Is Travis Scott’s Vocal Range?

Travis Scott has a vocal range of A#1-A#3 which is very typical for a baritone singer. This vocal range is based on the songs he has done so far.

It’s possible that Travis can sing on a higher or lower range than the stated one, however, we are yet to hear him do that.  

What Is The Highest Note Travis Scott Can Sing?

The highest note Travis has hit so far based on his recordings and live performances is A#3. The lowest note he has hit so far is A#1.

What Are Some Classic Travis Scott Songs To Practice?

1. Highest in the room

2. Butterfly effect

3. Antidote


Travis is a phenomenal rapper. He is not a typical professional vocalist but he is an outstanding rapper and he does very well in his selected music genre. 

Travis has built amazing skills over the years such as breath control, articulation, and enunciation.

This rapper is known for using auto-tones a lot but a lot of fans have claimed to love his style of rap. 

The baritone singer has a vocal range that falls between A#3 to A#1.

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