How To Sing Like Noel Gallagher (5 Brilliant Tips)

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Noel Gallagher is a British songwriter, singer, and musician. He was the co-vocalist, lead guitarist, and songwriter of the popular band “Oasis”.

If you know Noel, you would agree that he has amazing songwriting and singing skills. This has got a lot of people looking up to him. If you’re one of such persons then this article is for you.

Keep reading as I reveal some necessary steps you need to sing like Noel Gallagher. 

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Noel Gallagher?

How To Sing Like Noel Gallagher

1. Develop a nasal voice

Noel has a distinctive nasal voice.

This nasal voice can be attributed to the fact that he has a Northern British accent.

This is one of the easiest features to notice when he sings. Note that a nasal voice and a nasal resonance work hand in hand.

Nasal resonance is typically vibrations that create tone through and within the nasal passages. It can also be said to be when the sound gets into your nasal cavity and bounces around.

In an overall sense, a nasal resonance adds overtones that give clarity and projection to the voice. In other words, it fine-tunes the voice, in this case, nasal voice.

Here are some exercises that would make singing with nasal a voice easier. 

  • Hold your nostrils with your fingertips, or pinch the sides of your nose together. Make sure no air can escape out of your nose. Say or sing your chosen phrase, and notice whether you can feel your nose vibrating under your fingers. 

If you can feel this vibration then you have nasal voice or nasality. Nasality is achieved when air and sound are leaking into your nasal cavities and trying to escape.

  • A good way to develop a nasal voice is by adding ‘ng’ sound to your voice. You can start by saying ‘ng’ at the end of the word ‘sing’. You will notice all the air is coming out of your nose. You can check this by holding your nose closed with your fingers and saying ‘ng’ again.

Some consonants will feel impossible to sing because they require large amounts of air to pass through the nostrils. These are: ‘m,’ ‘n,’ and ‘ng.’ If all your notes feel like these three consonants, then you are singing nasally.

  • You can take a step further by singing a sustained ‘ng’. You will notice that the airflow and sound are coming out of your nose. You don’t need to push the air down, it will flow out of its own accord. Very gently and slowly, keep the airflow coming down your nose, and drop your tongue to go onto a vowel (‘eh’ or ‘ih’ seem to work best). 

2. Sing with your chest voice 

Noel is known for singing with his chest voice often.

The chest voice is more similar to your real speaking voice. It refers to the warmer, lower, and thicker tones created when singing. 

Noel sings effortlessly, he doesn’t do so much of pitching. He just sings comfortably in his chest voice. 

Wondering how to sing with your chest voice?

Here are some simple steps that can help you sing in your chest voice;

  • First, start by placing your palm on your chest while singing to see if you’re using your chest voice. If you feel a vibration on your palm, that’s your chest voice. 
  • Secondly, if you use your chest voice correctly, your vocals are going to sound strong and heavy, rather than light and pitchy. This is because you are employing the full portion of your vocal cords. 
  • Using your chest voice is the most comfortable way of singing. At this point, you are not straining your voice or going above your range.
  • As much as you can avoid straining your voice when singing. Straining can produce unclear vocals and in a long run, it could damage your voice if done frequently. 
  • If you’re singing, however, and a few higher notes come up, it’s safer to use your head voice than straining your chest voice. Using your chest voice on a high note can result in a cracked or flat tone.

3. Develop Clear Vocals 

Noel has a smooth and very clear voice when singing. And this is quite unusual for most rock singers. Having a clear vocal is a singing technique that all singers should thrive to have. 

Here are some steps to having a clear vocal 

  • The first thing to do is to engage in vocal warm-ups. Vocal warm-ups are very essential and have a lot of benefits to the voice. It helps to loosen the facial muscles. It gives the vocals a way better tone. 
  • Stay hydrated. Amazingly drinking a lot of water affects the voice. It keeps the voice clear
  • Don’t strain your voice. Straining is bad for the voice. Most times the not so pretty sound you hear when singing could be a result of straining. Ensure you take a lot of vocal breaks when necessary to keep the voice relaxed. If your voice is tired let it rest rather than forcing it to keep singing. 
  • Avoid smoking by all means. Smoking is the best and quickest way to permanently ruin your voice. Usually, when you inhale smoke, you’re essentially bathing your vocal cords in toxins. 

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What Voice Type Does Noel Gallagher Have?

Noel has a tenor voice type which is typically common among male singers. A tenor’s vocal range lies between the countertenor and baritone voice types. 

This voice type is the highest male chest voice type. Its vocal range extends up to C5, however, the low extreme for tenors is widely defined to be B2. 

What Makes Noel Gallagher’s Voice So Unique?

Noel has a Northern British accent which can be heard when he sings. His British accent contributes to his nasal voice. 

The good thing about Gallagher’s voice is that though it was nasally it isn’t unpleasant to listen to. 

Nasal voices are usually unpleasant when it is done excessively. But Noel knows just how to manage the nasality in his voice and still sounds great. 

Can Noel Gallagher Actually Sing?

Yes, Noel can actually sing. This phenomenal singer sure has incredible vocal skills that are worthy of note. 

Gallagher has a crystal clear vocal when he sings which makes it easy to pick out his words. 

He sings amazingly well with his chest voice. Gallagher rarely strains his voice while singing, he is usually always comfortable when singing.

This singer surely knows how to manage his voice and this is an ability every singer should have.

How Did Noel Gallagher Start Singing?

Gallagher started singing quite early. He started by playing the guitar at the age of 12. He joined a group formed by his brother Liam.

The group was called “The Rain” at the initial stage and then it was later renamed “The Oasis”.

Gallagher was the lead guitarist of the group at the time. He wrote most of the songs the band did. Their band’s debut album, “Definitely Maybe” (1994), brought the group into the limelight. 

Their second album, “Morning glory” (1995), reached the top of the album charts in many countries. And their third studio album, “Be Here Now” (1997), became the fastest-selling album in UK chart history. 

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What Is Noel Gallagher’s Vocal Range?

Noel’s vocal range is between F2-F5. 

This range is based on the songs he has done so far. That F2 note is near the bottom of the range of a typical tenor singer,

The top range of an operatic tenor is F5.

What Is The Highest Note Noel Gallagher Can Sing?

The highest note Noel has sung on so far is F5. The lowest note Noel has sung on so far is F2. This is just proof that he has a tenor voice type. 

What Are Some Classic Noel Gallagher Songs To Practice?

1. We are on our way now

2. Some might say

3. Go let it out


Noel is a tenor-voiced singer with amazing singing skills such as his ability to sing with his chest voice, his clear vocals, and his ability to sing with a nasal voice and it still sounds pleasing to the ear. 

His singing range falls between F2-F5, with F2 being his lowest range and F5 his highest range. 

He was a popular face in the “Oasis” band alongside his brother. With his songwriting skill, he wrote songs like Definitely Maybe, Morning Glory, and Be Here Now while in the band.

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