How To Sing Like Nick Jonas (5 Brilliant Tips)

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Nick Jonas is a charming American singer, songwriter, and actor. He is part of the American music award group “the Jonas brother”.

This Walt Disney star won the hearts of many with his exceptional singing pattern and charm. 

Are you curious about how this singer sings so well like Nick? Well, we’ve got you covered. This article covers steps on how to sing like Nick Jonas. Let’s dive!

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Nick Jonas?

How To Sing Like Nick Jonas

1. Develop Clear Belting

Nick has an amazing ability to sing notes in his head voice range with the power of his chest voice.

Since belting is also known as a mixed voice, it is correct to say that Nick has a mixed voice.

Belting is super important because it makes the voice powerful and clear at the same time. However, belting can be done wrongly.

Wrong belting can become harmful to your voice with time. 

Wrong belting is a result of too much chest voice on your head voice notes. This is best described as yelling or screaming your chest voice into your head voice. 

Wondering how to belt correctly, we’ve got you covered; here are some ways to belt correctly;

  • For a start, you have to ensure you’re singing high notes with the right balance of chest voice and head voice.
  • Engage in belting warm-ups. 
  • One major factor that can affect belting negatively is tension. You have to be relaxed to belt correctly.
  • Another factor that ensures correct belting is posture. The correct posture for any singing exercise is standing or sitting uprightly.

2. Develop a strong head voice 

If you observe Nick well enough, you will notice that he sings in the higher range of his voice. That means he makes good use of his head voice. 

Singing some high notes with the chest voice may sound rough, this is why singing with the head voice is important sometimes.  

If you’re singing in your head voice, you will feel the vibrations in your skull with your hand. 

Here are some steps for singing in your head voice;

  • To sing with your head voice, you have to be in the right posture.
  • A simple exercise you can engage in is to sigh while yawning. This is a vocal exercise that helps the head voice get stronger and better.
  • By all means, please avoid tension while singing. Tension can ruin and strain your head’s voice and make it sound shaky. You need to be relaxed to achieve that smooth and clear sound you hear when Nick sings. 
  • Listen to professionals and imitate them. This is a good way to learn how to sing in your head voice. Try to imitate what they do repeatedly. 

3. Work on your vocal flip

When the voice cracks or becomes unsteady at the transition points between vocal registers, then, a vocal flip has occurred. Nick does a lot of vocal flips when he sings. 

In clearer terms, vocal flips can be a sudden or abrupt break that occurs at transition points between the register. A vocal flip can be a gradual flip characterized by a wavering voice.

4. Develop a raspy voice

Nick does a few rasps here and there when he sings. Raspiness is also known as hoarseness. 

However, it is important to note that this is not a singing technique to practice or emulate regularly as it can damage the voice. 

To produce a raspy voice do the following;

  • Inhale as much air as you can.
  • Tense your neck and extrude air while you sing. 
  • Find your false chords, and talk or sing loudly while extruding a lot of air.

5. Work on having clear vocals

Nick’s clear vocals are out of this world. He has a smooth and very clear voice when singing. Having a clear vocal is a singing technique that all singers should thrive to have.

Here are some steps to having a clear vocal; 

  • You have to engage in vocal warm-ups to get a clear vocal. Vocal warm-ups are very essential and have a lot of benefits to the voice. It helps to loosen the facial muscles. It gives the vocal a way better tone. 
  • As a singer, you need to drink a lot of water. Drinking water isn’t just good for your body, it’s is also good for the voice. Regular intake of water keeps the voice crystal clear. 
  • Don’t stress your voice. One way to stress your voice is by straining. Straining produces an unpleasant sound, and you won’t want that. Ensure you take a lot vocal breaks when necessary to keep the voice relaxed. 
  • Avoid smoking, excessive alcohol, and drugs by all means. They are lots of singers who lost their voices to both drugs and alcohol. These bad behaviors are the easiest and quickest way to permanently ruin your voice.

Usually, when you inhale smoke, you’re essentially bathing your vocal cords in toxins. Most times these damages are permanent and even corrective surgeries wouldn’t help. 

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What Voice Type Does Nick Jonas Have?

Nick Jonas has a countertenor voice type. This is the highest male voice type. It is regarded as the male counterpart to the feminine contralto or mezzo-soprano voice categories. 

On high notes, countertenor singers sing in falsetto, while on low notes, they sing in the modal range.

The vocal range of a countertenor is between G3 to D5 or E5. However, this voice type usually falls between E3 and E5.

What Makes Nick Jonas’s Voice So Unique?

Nick has a soft, light, clear voice. He sings mostly with his head voice and he does it perfectly. 

His voice is calm, but passionate enough to convey his message. He has a distinct sound that is entirely his own. If you hear Nick singing over the radio it’s quite easy to differentiate him from the rest of the Jonas Brothers. 

Can Nick Jonas Actually Sing?

Yes, Nick Jonas can sing. He has acquired amazing singing techniques that make him stand out. His vocal flips are the most trolling for most fans. 

He has mastered singing with his head voice effectively. He also does a little bit of rasp here and there. 

The good thing about his rasp is that he doesn’t overdo it, which is the professional thing to do as too much application of raspy voice while singing can be harmful to the voice. Without a doubt, Nick is indeed an exceptional singer. 

How Did Nick Jonas Start Singing?

Nick Jonas was born into a musical family. His father is a songwriter and musician, while his mother is a singer.

Nick started singing and acting as a little boy. He started performing on Broadway at seven. He played Tiny Tim in a rendition of A Christmas Carol when he was.

He also played other characters like Gavroche, Chip Potts, and Little Jake.

Nick began his songwriting career at a young age as well. He composed the song “Joy To The World” with his father while performing in Beauty and the Beast. 

Nick wrote the song “Please Be Mine” with the help of his brothers. Later, Nick Jonas performed his new song to Steve Greenberg, the head of Columbia Records.

Greenberg was smitten by Nick’s song, and it led to the formation of the band “‘The Jonas Brothers.’

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What Is Nick Jonas’s Vocal Range?

Nick Jonas has a vocal range that lies between B5-G2. This vocal range signifies that he is a countertenor singer. Usually, a singer with B5-G2 can sing on 2 octaves.

If you’re unsure about your voice range, it’s pretty much easy to figure out. All you need is to get access to a piano. On your smartphone, you can download several free piano apps.

That is if you’re unable to get hold of a physical piano.

  • Then, find middle C on your piano. In Scientific Pitch Notation, middle C is C4. 
  • Now, when you get that, sing along with the keys until you reach the lowest note that you can comfortably produce.
  • Then, return to middle C and play to the highest note in the same manner.

What Is The Highest Note Nick Jonas Can Sing?

The highest note Nick can sing is B5. And his lowest note is G2. Follow the steps above to know your highest note.

If you’re following the above steps to get your ideal range, be sure you’re not straining your voice. Straining does no good to your voice.

The voice is a muscle, and it can stretch to your desired range with time. All you need is regular practice and, of course, the appropriate training.

You might not be able to sing on your desired range now, but give it a little time and you’ll get there eventually.

What Are Some Classic Nick Jonas Songs To Practice? 

1. Jealousy 

2. Find you

3. Chains 


Nick doesn’t just have a charming face, he has an incredible voice as well. Nick has amazing singing techniques that can make any singer stand out. 

His techniques include his clear vocals, his amazing belting skill, his raspy voice, and his head voice.

Nick has a calm and passionate voice which conveys his message perfectly. He is a countertenor singer. He sings between the ranges of B5-G2.

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