How To Sing Like Neil Young (Do This Now)

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Neil Young is a Canadian-American singer-songwriter, humanitarian, and activist.

In the 1960s, he launched his musical career. Acclaimed Music lists him as the ninth most well-known musician in popular music history.

Guitar solos, personal lyrics, and a distinctive high tenor singing voice have all contributed to the longevity of his career. 

He is also known as the godfather of grunge, which makes him pretty influential.

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Neil Young?

How To Sing Like Neil Young

1. Have faith in your goals

You need to start with this in mind from the start. There will be those who cheer you on and those who scoff at your decisions. 

2. Increase the quality of your vocal performance.

You don’t have to be the world’s greatest singer to sing like Neil… but it helps!

Indeed, for certain vocalists, this could be the deciding factor between success and failure.

Why take a chance when an advantage exists now that did not exist even ten years ago? Take breathing exercises.

Try to sing through your diaphragm to increase your chances of sounding better.

3. Take every opportunity to sing

You don’t have to wait until you’ve taken a lot of singing lessons to begin!

Sing whenever and wherever you are able in the bathtub. Karaoke is an excellent way to have fun and express yourself creatively.

Go to jam nights.

At home, you can practice singing with a backing track. To accompany your singing, pick up a guitar and practice some chords.

Even seasoned singers have a hard time comprehending how the voice functions.

Therefore, the importance of warm-up exercises cannot be overstated. It’s not sufficient, though, to just warm-up before singing for two hours.

4. Get a support

Most people get one that they put around their lower abdomen.

They use this to support their breathing which then facilitates the sounds that come out of their mouth.

With this support, you’re more focused on your stomach and not your throat.

What Voice Type Does Neil Young Have?

Neil Young’s voice has a countertenor range, making him a rarity in the world of singers.

Soprano countertenors can match soprano ranges of C4 to C6, but they are not the same as contralto or mezzo-soprano countertenors in terms of their vocal ranges which span from G3 to D5 or E5, depending on the countertenor.

Baritones and tenors make up the bulk of a countertenor’s vocal range. However, this range is rarely employed during a performance.

What Makes Neil Young’s Voice So Unique?

Neil Young’s voice is unique because there’s none like it.

For its own range and style, its quite special. Young knows how to put his word together and create that great sound that everybody loves.

Although he isn’t the best out there, no one can =deny that his Music and sound aren’t one of the best. 

Can Neil Young Actually Sing?

Neil’s voice isn’t exactly the best, but that works for him.

For his kind of style and vocals, his singing makes him great.

Although most people can agree that he doesn’t have the best voice, his songs are the best.

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How Did Neil Young Start Singing?

In junior high, Young first began to sing, and it was then that he met Ken Koblun, the drummer for his first band, the Jades.

He played in many instrumental rock bands while attending Winnipeg’s Kelvin High School and finally dropped out to pursue a music career.

Young’s first steady band was a local success named “The Sultan” by The Squires, which included Ken Koblun, Jeff Wuckert and Bill Edmondson on drums.

The band performed hundreds of gigs at community centers, dance halls, clubs, and schools around Winnipeg and Manitoba for three years.

Then, at Fort William (now part of Thunder Bay, Ontario), they recorded a set of demos by Ray Dee, whom Young termed “the original Briggs,” that the band recorded their first full-length album.

What Is Neil Young’s Vocal Range?

C1 – D6 (5.2 octaves)

Song with the lowest pitch: (C1-G1)

Song with the highest pitch: Carmichael (D3-D6)

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What Is The Highest Note Neil Young Can Sing?

Neil can’t really hit that much high note. The highest note he reaches is about the average of a male pop singer.

What Are Some Classic Neil Young Songs To Practice?

1. Kansas

While he was releasing an album on average per year in the mid-1970s, Neil Young was writing songs so quickly that he couldn’t possibly release them all.

So while working on Homegrown, he decided to scrap it in favor of Tonight’s the Night, which had been languishing on the shelf for over a year.

However, “Kansas,” one of the more obscure Homegrown tracks, remained unreleased until Neil Young’s solo acoustic tour in 1999.

Finally, after years of anticipation, fans will be able to hear Homegrown’s studio version in 2020.

2. Push It Over The End

At New York’s Bottom Line on May 16, 1974, Neil Young surprised fans by playing an hour-long session of mostly unreleased tunes.

One of his best bootlegs. It deserves to be released on CD someday by the artist himself. Opening with “Citizen Kane Jr. Blues,” which he introduced as “Pushed It Over the End,” when it reappeared on CSNY’s stadium reunion tour that summer, the show began.

Most songwriters’ career highs would have come from writing a song like this, purportedly inspired by Patty Hearst.

After a few months, Neil decided to give up on the game and never return again.

3. Stringman

People unfamiliar with Neil Young’s career may have been perplexed when he titled his 2007 LP.

As far as hardcore fans were concerned, this was actually the title of an American Stars ‘n Bars album released in 1977.

One of the album’s highlights was the mournful piano ballad “Stringman,” which he sang on a 1976 tour with Crazy Horse and again during his 1993 MTV Unplugged taping.

It’s a fan favorite, although he’s only performed it twice in the last 21 years.


Neil Young may not be the best singer, but he can make great music.

Neil is an amazing singer because of his honesty, emotion, and love for his work.

The best instances of this are the lyrics “better be home soon, distant sun,” “fingers of love,” “there goes god,” and “love this life.

His singing has a distinct personality and a unique sound.

It’s tough to sing some of his songs since he switches from low notes (typically in the verses) to high ones (usually in the chorus).

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