How To Sing Like Madison Beer (5 Brilliant Tips)

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There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to singing pop or hip-pop. A lot of people assume you don’t need to be skilled to be a hip pop singer. 

A lot of times more energy is being focused on performance than singing.

However, hip-pop star Madison has corrected that notion with her outstanding singing techniques. 

If you’re interested in standing out in pop music then this article is for you. We will be discussing the steps needed to sing like Madison Beer. Keep reading! 

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Madison Beer?

How To Sing Like Madison Beer

1. Build your vocal scoops/ vocal slides

Madison practically does vocal scoops and slides in all her songs. It’s more like her own way of sounding different.

A vocal scoop is a vocal technique in which a note is sang just a little below the desired pitch right and sliding up again. 

Here’s a simple way to put it – it is singing pitches below the first note or below the second one. It is also called flipping.

Other singers that also use the vocal scoop technique in their singing include Adele, Christina Aguilera, and John Legend.

Let’s talk about the vocal slide a bit. The vocal slide is slipping and sliding the voice between notes. It is also called glissando. 

2. Include riffs and runs in your daily practice

Madison does a lot of riffs and runs in her songs. This is the reason behind her melodic notes that create an emotional intensity when she sings. 

A lot of singers make the mistake of doing riffs and runs to show off. Riffs and runs are originally designed to deepen the emotion in a song. 

If you’re a beginner to riffs and runs and you are clueless on how to start, here are tips that can help you;

Learn your notes: Riffs and runs are so dependent on your ability to learn your notes. If you’ve not mastered your notes, it’s quite impossible to effectively do riffs and runs. 

Follow the right tempo: After learning your notes, it is also important that you figure out the right tempo of a song and follow it carefully.

Tempo is typically the timing of a song. You can follow the tempo of a song by tapping your feet or by clapping your hands. 

You have to ensure you are on the right tempo of a song to effectively do riffs and runs. Else you are likely to make mistakes such as sounding of timing or tempo.

Master the rhythm of the song: There’s no magic in performing riffs and runs when you haven’t mastered the rhythm of the song. You can learn the rhythm of a song by listening to the song repeatedly.

Note that it is quite impossible to do riffs and runs without knowing the rhythm of a song. It’s more like the rhythm of the song determines the way you do your riffs and runs in the song.

Master your vowels: Riffs and runs are mostly vowel sounds put in a melodic sound. After you learn your notes, tempo, and rhythm it’s also important to learn your vowels. 

There are about four types of vowels in singing. They are the “a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, “u”. With these tips you are on your way to becoming an expert in riff and runs. 

3. Develop good phrasing 

Phrasing refers to how you sing words in time, or the rhythm of a song. It is how you order and shape the notes that you sing.

Madison displayed this technique in her song “Selfish.” Phrasing is a good way to spice up your singing style and distinguish yourself from other singers. 

Here are some tips on how to phrase correctly; 

  • First, understand that pulse is an important factor in phrasing. This is because the tempo of a song is usually constant. You will need a pulse not to go out of line. 
  • Ensure you are not phrasing faster or slower than the music. 
  • Another key way to phrase correctly is the Push and Pull effect. This is simply done by pulling back the tempo of the song in a spot and then pushing forward immediately after to meet up with the right spot musically. 

For example, Frank Sinatra is an expert in pushing forward at certain spots, pulling back at others. This has a way of creating musical tension and emotional impact when singing a song.

4. Develop your vocal flip 

The unsteadiness at the transition points between vocal registers you hear when Madison sings is called a vocal flip. 

A vocal flip is the sound of an abrupt disconnect or shift in quality. There is nothing wrong with vocal flips when done correctly. 

Vocal flips are extremely useful in certain types of music. However, it shouldn’t be done too often. Also, vocal flips should be done intentionally. Unintentional vocal flips can ruin the emotional impact of your singing as well as the beauty of musical lines. They can occur in two forms. 

  • First, it may occur as a sudden or abrupt break that occurs at transition points between the register.
  • It can also occur as a gradual flip characterized by a wavering voice.

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What Voice Type Does Madison Beer Have?

Madison is the perfect description of an alto voice type. An alto voice type is prevalent amongst females with lower voices. 

This voice type generally has a heavier, darker tone than sopranos. A typical alto voice resonates in a higher range than that of a contralto. 

However, in operatic singing, a natural alto is classified as a contralto. This is the lowest female voice kind, which is quite rare.

Female singers with this voice type include Agnes Baltsa, Olga Borodina, Tatiana Troyanos, Shirley Verrett, Frederica von Stade, Judy Garland, Audra McDonald, Beyoncé, Lea Michele, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga.

What Makes Madison Beer’s Voice So Unique?

Madison has a very unique voice indeed. Her voice sounds a bit heavy because she has an alto voice.

Her voice has a unique ability of going a little below the desired pitch and slide up again. 

This incredible vocalist knows how to use her voice in the most beautiful ways. Her natural riffs and runs technique never ceases to amaze us.

Her voice is filled with melodic notes that create emotion intensity when she sings. 

Can Madison Beer Actually Sing?

Yes, Madison can definitely sing. She is a professionally trained singer. Her professionalism has been seen in the techniques she uses when singing. 

Riffs and runs are pretty much Madison’s thing and she does it pretty well. Madison also has amazing phrasing when singing. This explains why she sings words at the right time, more like she has mastered her rhythm. 

She also does vocal flips here and there. Madison cannot be rated less than an exceptional singer. 

How Did Madison Beer Start Singing?

Madison started singing at a very young age. She started her music career in 2012 when she was 13 years old. She started by posting covers of songs by other artists on YouTube. 

In 2013, Madison did a cover of Etta James’ song “At last blew up”.

This was the beginning of stardom for her. It literally brought her into the limelight when Justin Bieber posted her “At last blew up” cover.  

She was later signed to Island Records, which was then managed by Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun. She went further to release her first debut “Melodies” in 2013. 

Madison debuted her first EP in 2018 which was a huge success. In 2020, she released her debut album, “Life Support.”

The album contains most of her popular singles including “Baby”, “Good in Goodbye”, “BOYSHIT”, and “Selfish.”

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What Is Madison Beer’s Vocal Range?

Madison’s vocal range lies between F#3-E5. This is in line with the fact that she has an alto voice type. Generally, alto is the lowest type of female voice. 

In chorale music, the alto part usually refers to the contrapuntal part that is higher than the tenor part but lower than the soprano one or two parts.

The typical alto range lies between F3 to F5, though some can sing above or below this range. 

What Is The Highest Note Madison Beer Can Sing?

The highest note Madison can sing is E5. This is based on her recorded songs and live performances.

The lowest note Madison can hit based on these same factors is F#3. 

What Are Some Classic Madison Beer Songs To Practice?

1. Reckless

2. Good in goodbye

3. Melodies 


Madison is breaking a lot of records with her singing style and techniques. It’s not so common to come across a hip-hop singer that has such professional techniques.

She does a lot of amazing techniques with her voice such as vocal flips, phrasing, vocals scoops, and slides and of course, the most popular which is a riff and runs. You’re sure going to be superb by learning from Madison Beer. 

Madison has a natural alto voice. And she sings between the ranges of F#3-E5.

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