How To Sing Like M Shadows (Here is How)

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One way to be a great singer is to have a role model. Interestingly, a lot of popular musicians grew by imitating some other great musicians.

If you’re thinking of singing rock, M Shadow is an amazing rock singer to have as a role model. He has an incredible stage presence and his energy on stage is mind blowing.

Above all, He’s one of the best rock singers of our time. If you’re reading this article, I am sure you are wondering how you can sing like M Shadows.

Well, you’re in the right place. This article provides a detailed guide on how “How to sing like M Shadow. Enjoy!

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like M Shadows

How To Sing Like M Shadows

M shadow isn’t just a great singer; he has amazing vocal techniques that make him stand out. Below are some key steps to follow to sing like M Shadows.

1. Develop a good breath support 

Shadows has amazing breath support. Breath Support is a necessary technique every singer should have, and it’s pretty easy to practice. Breath Support is simply breath management. 

Knowing how to control your breath while singing is one feature that shows your professionalism as a singer. 

As a singer, you need to understand how to maintain a steady flow of breath and manage the amount of air released from the lungs when singing. This will give you a balanced and powerful tone as you sing. 

To get good breath control while singing, you must first develop a proper singing posture. Always remember that your body is an instrument of singing just as much as your voice.

So, an improper alignment or stress might affect your ability to produce proper sounds and notes.  

Here are three breathing skills that will help you achieve good breath control;

  • The ability to inhale enough air.
  • The ability to keep your breath from escaping.
  • The ability to quickly take a good breath before singing.

2. Build Distortion

Grit and distortion used with ease are very easy to achieve. However, you have to use the right approach.

Distortion comes from excess compression and strong support. The distortion in Shadow’s voice put a lot of emotions into his songs. 

However, a lot of rock singers quickly begin to sing with distortion because they feel it’s a requirement for rock songs.

This phenomenon may have a bit of truth; however, excess distortion can damage the vocal cord.

3. Develop vocal fry

M Shadow has a very noticeable vocal fry in his voice.

The term “vocal fry” refers to a tiny vibration of the vocal cords. Vocal fry is more like the sound you make when you first wake up in the morning and stretch.

Vocal fry occurs when insufficient air is forced through the vocal cords. Our vocal cords separate when we breathe.

When you talk without taking enough breath, your vocal cords cannot rub together, resulting in a creaky, hollow sound.

 The sound is gravelly, and it’s not quite your full tone. Vocal fry is technically the lowest part of your singing range.

You can do vocal fry by singing on a low note and then lowering it as much as you can till you get to the desired sound.

As your tone deteriorates, you will soon be unable to sustain a complete tone, and your voice will suffer from vocal fry.

Vocal fry, in general, aids in increasing the volume of the voice.

4. Add a bit of aggression to your voice 

Shadow is particularly noted for the aggression in his voice. This technique shows your passion as a singer.

An aggression sounds more like a growl in your voice. However, remember, you’re only required to add just a bit of this while singing.

So, do not go overboard with this step. Think of it as an ingredient and sprinkle it in just a few lines. If you can do this correctly, you’re one step into singing like your favorite rockstar.

5. Regular practice 

The place of constant practice cannot be over-emphasized. The aim is not only to sing like Shadow but also to maintain a good singing habit.

Being a great singer is achievable. But, time and a lot more time are required to stand out. The truth is everybody can sing, but not every singer is a great singer. Practice will sure make you perfect.

What Voice Type Is M Shadow

M Shadows has a high baritone voice. There are three male voice types which are;

  • Bass
  • Baritone 
  • Tenor

A baritone is a classical male singing voice that falls between the bass and tenor voice categories. The baritone voice is considered the most common male voice type.

He can also easily sing in the tenor range, taking his baritone timbre up to high C regularly. He can also sing low with a powerful sound.

What Makes M Shadow’s Voice So Unique

Shadows has a strong scream and aggression influence on his voice. He has an amazing gritty, raspy voice.

He doesn’t have an amazing pitch though but he is still considered one of the best pop stars of our time.

The grit in his voice brings in so much emotion into his songs. He also has an amazing noticeable vocal fry which increases the volume of his voice.

The aggression in his voice brings so much energy into the room when he sings. Asides from using distortions excessively, he does pretty well vocally.

Can M Shadow Actually Sing

Yes, Shadow can sing. Although he cannot be classified as a professional vocalist.

But he is still a great singer and entertainer. Especially because he is a rock singer, he does pretty fine without too many vocals.

He does the basics for a rock singer and that’s fine.

Shadow underwent surgery due to a viral infection, and a lot of persons thought it would harm his voice. However, his singing became cleaner than before.

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How Did M Shadow Start Singing

Shadows became interested in music after his father gave him his first tape. He began playing the guitar as he grew older.

He also learned how to play the piano. This was a significant element in his musical development.

During his time at Huntington Beach High School, he was a member of the band “successful Failure.” Shadows then formed the “Avenged sevenfold” in 1999 with his middle school classmates Zacky Vengeance, The Rev, and Matt Wendt.

What Is M Shadow’s Vocal Range

Vocal range is the range of pitches that a human voice can phonate. Generally speaking, your vocal range is the lowest note you can sing to the highest note you can sing.

You may be able to reach notes within more than one vocal range, but when it comes to making a decision, comfort is key. 

Shadow is a baritone singer and a      typical baritone range is from A2 to A4 and might extend down to F2 or up to C5. However, Shadows has an amazing vocal range of F1-A5.

What Is The Highest Note M Shadow Can Sing

Shadow has his highest note to be A5. And his lower note to be F1. He is a four-octave singer.

Having a better high note should be a goal for every singer. It makes you versatile and flexible with song selections.

Here are some tips to get a better high note

  • First, you have to build your vocal strength. 

To hit better high notes, you need to strengthen your voice. A weak voice will have trouble hitting high notes or sustaining them. 

Build your vocal strength by practicing vocal technique exercises 4-5x every week for a minimum of 30 min and a maximum of 60 min. 

  • Ensure you open Your Mouth More When You Sing

This allows you to produce better higher notes. It also allows sound to flow out easily. Release the muscles in your jaw and throat. Ensure you are properly relaxed.

  • Face Your Chin Downwards

Pointing your chin upwards when you’re about to hit a high note isn’t helpful.

Because high notes are placed higher in a singer’s instrument, the mistake is often made to reach up. Keeping your chin pointed down on high notes will help you reach them with more ease and power.

  • Keep your jaw open. 

It is a common mistake to close the jaw to achieve higher notes among singers. This is a very wrong technique.

Holding your jaw open will increase your volume and power. Engaging in voice-building exercises will help you accomplish this with a lot more ease. 

  • Press the Back of Your Tongue Down

Singers frequently complain that their high notes sound too thin or harsh. This is often because as you sing higher, your throat tends to constrict and your vocal muscles are pushed forward, resulting in a thinner, harsher sound.

One sure way out of this is to “anchor” the note by pressing your tongue down in the back of your throat. To begin, practice the sensation of the tongue dropping to employ it when singing.

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What Are Some Classic M Shadow Songs To Practice

1. These grey men

2. Good Charlotte

3. Everybody’s fool afterlife


M shadow is a rock-star worthy of emulation. He has amazing and simple singing techniques that any singer can employ.

However, the rock singer isn’t so much of a professional vocalist. But for his music genre, he is great at what he does. He has an aggressive sound to his voice. He also has a grit that feels the room with so much emotion. 

Shadow has a baritone voice which is a classical male singing voice. His vocal baritone voice ranges from F1-A5. This is a great voice range for his voice type.

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