How To Sing Like Lea Michele (5 Brilliant Tips)

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Lea Michele is an actress, singer, and songwriter.

What makes Michele so amazing is the fact that she is so versatile. She has also shown her talent in writing books as well. She launched her book, titled “You First”.

This singer is specialized in broad-way music and pop. She came into the limelight doing broad-way music.

She is a professionally trained singer and a good choice to learn from if you want to improve your singing.

This article covers steps that can help you be a good singer just like Lea Michele.

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Lea Michele?

How To Sing Like Lea Michele

1. Develop vocal control?

Michele is a fantastic singer. Every time she sings, she always stays on pitch.

Having good vocals entails singing notes accurately, rather than a little sharp or flat. Michele hasn’t gone off-key or sang in the wrong key because she has excellent vocal control.

Singers with developed vocal control can sing each note clearly in a melody or harmony to achieve the desired musical effect. You can handle note leaps accurately if you develop good vocal control.

Working on your control will help you sing to become a better singer.

There are certain things to do to develop good vocal control. Here are some of them

  • Vocal warm-ups

Vocal warm-ups help to reduce tension in your facial muscles. Vocal warm-ups should be done before singing. It prepares the voice to sing perfectly.

  • Drink plenty of water

The vocal control you admire so much about Michele didn’t come overnight. It takes a lot of deliberate actions to develop vocal control and staying hydrated is one of them.

  • Take vocals breaks

When your voice is overly engaged, you are prone to vocal injuries. If you feel your voice is strained, try as much as possible to take a break.

  • Avoid Alcohol, drugs, and smoking

The above-listed substances have a lot of negative effects on the voice. This can lead to permanent loss of voice.

2. Work On Your Singing Tone

The overall sound of the voice is referred to as a singing tone.

The overall timbre is also referred to as tone. Your voice can have a hoarse or smooth, hard or soft, broad or narrow, light or heavy voice tone. Michele’s voice has a light and smooth voice tone. 

To improve your singing and your tone you have to do the following 

  • You have to study both your head voice and your chest voice and be able to recognize when each is best to use. 
  • You have to identify low and mid-range notes which are often more comfortable to sing in your chest voice. Usually, high notes require the use of your head voice. 
  • Breathing exercises are also essential for having a good vocal tone. You have to note your breath flow and control it to match your vocal range.

3. Develop Strong Appoggio? 

Appogio simply means support in singing. Support is how you manage to control your airflow and balance it.

Having strong support is a key reason why Michele has an amazing voice. Vocal support comes from a combination of good posture, proper breathing techniques, and overall practice. 

Strong support provides lots of benefits such as; 

  • A good support produces good, clear notes that sound strong and don’t waver.
  • Having vocal support makes you a better and stronger singer.
  • It also assists you in producing a thick tone rather than one that sounds thin and feeble, allowing you to sing certain songs more effectively.
  • It will also become easier to hit those high notes over time, and they will sound better as a result.

Good support has a lot of benefits, here are some of them

  • It improves the quality of the voice’s tone
  • It leads to more efficient use of the breath resulting in less breathiness in the tone
  • It increases the ability to sustain notes for significantly longer and sings longer phrases
  • It increases the lung capacity
  • It also naturally increases the volume of the voice
  • It also leads to improved overall stamina.

4. Have the right Volume

Michele has amazing volume management when singing. She knew the volume that best suits a song when singing. It’s almost like it comes naturally to her. 

Learning to sing at an appropriate volume is essential for sounding like a good singer.

The volume must suit the music, varying appropriately with the musical phrasing, and be at the right overall level to match the other musicians and please your audience.

To have the right volume, vocal control will greatly help you and improve your singing.

5. Develop good phrasing 

Michele has an amazing way of shaping each line of a song.

This ability is known as phrasing. The ability to follow the timing of a song is known as good phrasing. 

Phrasing has an incredible way of spicing up one’s singing. For phrasing to be classified as good, it has to have the following qualities 

  • Pitch
  • Volume 
  • Tone
  • Enunciation 

Here are some tips on how to phrase correctly; 

  • You have to stay in sync by pulsing. Pulsing helps you maintain the tempo of a song. You can practice pulsing by tapping your feet as you sing to master the right timing. You can also pulse by clapping your hands as you sing. 
  • Your phrasing must be in line with the music. That simply means that your phrasing shouldn’t be faster or slower than the music itself. 
  • To phrase correctly you have to learn the Push and Pull effect. This effect is very easy to learn, it simply involves pulling back the tempo of the song in a spot and then pushing forward immediately to meet up with the right spot musically. 

6. Consistency! 

Michele knows how to manage her energy throughout a song. You have to learn to sustain your energy throughout a strong.

Having a good voice means having a good voice throughout a song, if your voice fluctuates when you sing then you have not worked on consistency. 

This simply means you have to have a consistent volume, tone, pitching, support, and style at all times, and it will also help to know what singing conditions are most conducive when singing.

To improve your singing voice, aim for a consistent sound when you practice. 

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What Voice Type Does Lea Michele Have?

Michele possesses a soprano voice type. . She has a rich, powerful quality and impressive high note. 

Her vocal range which is one of the biggest factors in determining the difference between a soprano and mezzo-soprano, lies high up, in the soprano range. 

What Makes Lea Michele’s Voice So Unique?

Michele has an incredibly high vocal range. When she sings her sounds are produced with great resonance and support.

She has the stamina and technique to keep these belts going for extended lengths, such as a concert, without fatigue.

Her tone is clear and pitchy voice, she hit incredibly high notes with so much ease.   

Can Lea Michele Actually Sing?

Yes, Lea is an incredible singer. She is one of the most gifted vocalists in the music industry.

She is a very passionate singer, it’s quite impossible not to feel the emotions in her voice when she sings.

The amazing part is how Michele sings effortlessly. She is indeed a well-trained singer. She has incredible techniques that can make anyone a superstar. Here are some of her singing techniques 

  • Good vocal tone
  • Strong vocal support
  • Good phrasing
  • Strong vocal control 

With the listed singing techniques you are definitely on your way to the sky. 

How Did Lea Michele Start Singing?

Michele started singing at the age of 8, she started as a broad-way singer in the year 1995.

Lea Michele became a household name after landing the life-changing role of Rachel Berry on the sitcom, Glee, in 2009. 

The show became an instant success, with songs lifted from each episode charting on the Billboard Hot 100 throughout Glee’s six-year run.

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What Is Lea Michele’s Vocal Range?

Michele has a vocal range between Eb3 – A5 – D6. She has a 2.7 octave and one semitone voice. 

What Is The Highest Note Lea Michele Can Sing?            

The highest note Lea can sing is D6. The lowest note Lea can sing is Eb3.

What Are Some Classic Drake Songs To Practice?

1. On my way

2. Cannonball

3. Run to you


Michele is a super professional singer. She started with broad-way music. She has amazing singing techniques that can make anyone a professional singer. 

Michele is quite popular for her ability to control her voice when she sings. She has also built amazing support when singing over the years. 

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