How to Sing Like Lana Del Rey (5 Brilliant Tips)

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Lana Del Rey has a unique vocal technique that anyone cannot imitate.

She’s gotten a lot of attention for her soft voice and wonderful singing. The first few lyrics of the song are enough to identify it as a Lana Del Rey composition.

Only a select few singers can achieve this level of individuality. So if you want to know how to Sing Like Lana Del Rey?

If you follow a few simple guidelines, you too can sound just like her when you sing. If you put in the effort, you can achieve the same level of success as she has.

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Lana Del Rey?

How to Sing Like Lana Del Rey
  • Understand How Her Voice works

The first step is to learn how she does it to sing like her.

The uniqueness of each artist’s singing style can be attributed to a variety of ways.

Lana Del Rey is in the same boat. If you’re wondering whether or not Lana Del Rey uses autotune, you’re not alone:

Her calming voice may be heard in her songs, which are deep and sweet. It doesn’t take long for her music to put you at ease. It’s all because of her voice.

Furthermore, she seamlessly transitions between low and high notes.

Because of its smoothness, her song is very calming and soothing.

A drowsy and breathy voice isn’t something everyone can pull off, but that’s what she does. She’s influenced many people, and you can be the next.

  • Sing in Legato

If you’re a lover of Lana Del Rey’s music, you’ve probably noticed how seamlessly she switches between notes.

Even though she skips from one syllable to the next, her voice is soft and lovely. Latino singing refers to the fluidity with which notes and phrases are transitioned.

Maintain a relaxed jaw when singing legato. Your breathing needs to be even and unbroken.

It won’t sound natural if you don’t do it. To put it another way, legato refers to playing fluidly.

You want everything to sound effortless as if you’re scarcely trying at all. If you put in the time, you’ll get the hang of this strategy.

  • Try Singing with a Breathy Voice

If you hear Lana Del Rey’s songs, you can hear the breathy voices in them.

Although it isn’t always the case, it is a commonplace. It’s now considered bad to sing with a breathy tone of voice.

In fact, it’s viewed as a weakness in a singer’s performance.

However, if you have a breathy voice and can sing beautifully, you too could achieve the same level of fame as Lana Del Rey.

Talking quietly in a breathy voice is an excellent way to practice singing with a breathy voice.

The breathy voice you’ll produce due to speaking this way will be your default. In addition, it will sound completely natural and polished. 

  • Sing continuously at a stretch

The smoothness of Lana Del Rey’s songs is attributed to the fact that she often sings a full line without pause.

When you sing, you must hold your breath. Holding your breath causes you to take fewer breaks.

It’s almost like singing with a breathy voice, but it’s not. When singing this part, you must suppress your breathy vocalizations. It’s also like butter gliding over toast in her singing style.

To master this skill, try speaking quickly while maintaining a clear tone of voice.

Then, make use of this technique in your singing after that. Don’t mumble, and make sure your speech can be heard clearly.

  • Deep Lyrics

Lana Del Rey’s songs are always filled with deep and important content, like her vocal style.

Whenever she sings, she’s always telling a tale. Because of her lyrics and her singing technique, her songs sound so incredible.

What would happen if you tried to sing a party song in a voice like this? That said, it’s essential to have meaningful lyrics in order to write something like Lana Del Rey’s music.

  • Get A Lot Of Practice In

If you want to sing like Lana Del Rey, practice is essential.

Every day, work on one technique at a time until you think you’ve nailed it. After that, you can use her music as a training tool.

First and foremost, memorize all of the lyrics to avoid being bothered if you forget any of them. If you don’t pay attention to the lyrics, it can aggravate.

Make a guess about which approach she employed in which parts of her songs by listening to her music. Use these tactics afterward.

There are several ways to imitate Lana Del Rey’s style of songwriting.

What Voice Type Does Lana Del Rey Have??

Lana Del Rey’s voice type is contralto.

Her contralto vocal range is vast, spanning three and a half octaves, and has been described as fascinating and extremely expressive, moving effortlessly from high notes in a girlish timbre to jazzy embellishments in her lower gesture.

What Makes Lana Del Rey’s Voice So Unique?

Lana has developed a distinctive phrasing technique that easily identifies her voice when combined with her distinctive vocal type.

Her voice compliments her darker musical approach, but she can also adopt a far more upbeat tone.

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Can Lana Del Rey Actually Sing?

In my own opinion, she can’t really sing. It’s no lie that her voice is different, though, but all there is to it. But somehow, she’s able to make it work for her.

How Did Lana Del Rey Start Singing?

Lana started singing after graduating high school when she stayed with her uncle, who taught her how to play guitar.

During this time, she began writing songs and performing in nightclubs throughout the city under the moniker “Sparkle Jump Rope Queen” and “Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena.”

In 2006, she entered a songwriting competition; although she did not win, a judge on the panel assisted her in creating a demo, which resulted in her signing with the indie label 5 Points.

Del Rey moved into a New Jersey trailer park with the $10,000 she made from this arrangement.

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What Is Lana Del Rey’s Vocal Range?

Lana Del Rey’s vocal range falls in 3 octaves and minor third, spanning Bb2 – F5 – C#6.

What Is The Highest Note Lana Del Rey Can Sing?

The highest note Lana can sing is Bb2. Although there is still an argument for her voice type. Some believe she a dugazon, while some agree that she’s a contralto.

What Are Some Classic Lana Del Rey Songs To Practice?

  • Summer Bummer 

Lust For Life marked the first time Lana collaborated with other artists on an album. “Summer Bummer” features A$AP Rocky (who also features on the same album’s “Groupie Love”) and Playboi Carti.

It starts with a melody being played softly on a piano, with the trap beat coming in on the chorus, and showcases some of the best production on the album.

Lana told the BBC she worked with A$AP Rocky “to add a little fire, a little energy to the record.”

  • Beautiful People Beautiful Problems 

Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks collaborate on “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems,” a song that’s really just a series of piano notes with a brief string arrangement before the chorus.

In an interview with Flaunt, Del Rey said, “When I looked through ideas of women that could truly offer something to the record, she was one we kept returning to.” 

  • Born To Die 

“Born To Die,” in true Lana Del Rey fashion, offers the customary sad, dismal lyrics hinted at in the title.

The third single from her self-titled album, boasts a more lavish video budget than its predecessors — and it shows.

The film, directed by Yoann Lemoine, has Lana seated on a throne at France’s Fontainebleau Palace, flanked by two Bengal tigers. It is still one of her most mesmerizing sights.


Lana Del Rey sings with grace and beauty. However, to sing like her takes a great deal of practice. Attempt to practice singing in both a breathy and a non-breathy voice without pausing.

These two strategies will enable you to cover a good portion of her song. Another critical element is legato singing, which involves connecting your words and sounds.

When you sing legato, it sounds extremely smooth. This strategy will transform your tracks into something akin to Lana Del Rey’s.

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