How To Sing Like Jungkook (Explained)

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To be able to sing like Jungkook, you have got to train your voice to be thin, and you have to learn how to modulate your voice and also have the ability to be able to switch between head and mixed voice seamlessly.

You should also change your vocal quality to fit the songs perfectly.

Some of the tips on how you can sing like jungkook include:

  • Minimise vocal strain by favouring falsetto over mixed voice
  • Have shallow support when you are singing
  • Keep a good pitch
  • Maintain sufficient connection from your lower range to Eb3.
  • Always transition to falsetto shamelessly
  • Learn to sing with a lot of breathiness in your voice.

What are the steps needed to sing like Jungkook?

How To Sing Like Jungkook

Some steps needed to sing like jungkook includes:

  1. Take vocal lessons by getting a vocal coach; doing this will help you exercise your voice professionally and reach some set goals in singing that you won’t usually have reached by yourself. But with the help of an excellent vocal coach, you can sing like Jungcook.
  2. Record your voice on a tape to improve your singing and practice more often
  3. To build confidence, learn to sing in front of the mirror.
  4. Clear your throats, drink a lot of water, warm-up and do some vocal fry.
  5. Try and always use your breathy voice when singing; a breathy voice is synonymous with jungkook.
  6. Always stay on your voice pitch.
  7. Build up stamina and keep control for you to have a clear voice
  8. Try to Favour falsetto, jungkook favor falsetto over mixed voice, with this; he doesn’t need to strain his voice.

What Voice Type Does Jungkook Have?

Jungkook voice type is tenor, although it is airily light. Still, jungkook tend not to sing very high; his voice has a light and brilliant quality and a delicate sound.

His vocal range lies in a higher range generally; his lower chest voice is neglected most times due to the type of song the BTS’ is known for.

Hence that part of his voice is underdeveloped. When singing, Jungkook Does not go below D3; he will stay within a range that he finds comfortable.

 What Makes Jungkook’s Voice so Unique?

Jungkook does not portray himself as a powerhouse, but he manages to use a unique approach to singing by using the natural smoothness of his voice to his advantage.

He sings with a lot of breathiness and sings very softly while remaining within his range.

To always be comfortable and sing within his style of soft singing, he makes use of his falsetto as opposed to voice mixing; this makes his mixed voice to be relatively weak as it is underdeveloped.

He relies less on his chest voice and predominantly on his head voice.

He has a good sense of tone, and his range is pretty good. Additionally, he has no problems whatsoever transiting between falsetto and head voice smoothly.

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 Can Jungkook Sing?

Yes, Jungkook can sing; he has the natural qualities he possesses as a vocalist; in terms of techniques, his voice is still not fully developed.

This is why he always tend to sing calmly and make use of his head voice much more than his chest voice.

But he is a natural when it comes to singing, and his techniques have served him very well over the years.

Jungkook has incredible strength and voice stability, and this is shown through his performances as he can sing and dance simultaneously while still keeping his voice stable.

He does not do that well with high notes; his mid-range and lower vocals are better than his high notes, his voice becomes airy the higher he sings, Jungkook is known to favour styles over techniques.

 How Did Jungkook Start Singing?

Jungkook first caught the attention of BigHit when he auditioned for Superstar K in 2001; his audition made him catch the attention of different entertainment companies, Cube and J.Y.P inclusive.

He decided to Join BigHits instead due to seeing Rap Monster as a trainee and how big of an influence he was.

Jungkook’s international age was fifteen when BTS debuted officially on the 13 of June 2013.

The band BTS released their first singles, “2 cool 4 Skool”, as their debut song in 2013.

With BTS, jungkook sang three solo songs; one of the songs, Begin from Wings, the 2016 album, told the story of moving from Seoul at a very young age to become an idol and expresses his gratitude to his members for taking care of him during that period.

The second song from the Album was Euphoria, a bass song; the song was charted at number five on Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts, DJ Swivel produced the song.

The Song Still With You was produced by Jungkook and released to SoundCloud for free as part of BTS’s yearly debut celebrations on June 4, 2020.

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What is Jungkook’s Vocal Range?

Jungkook’s vocal range is between G2- Bb5 with 3-octaves, 1-note and 1- semitone. His supported range is Eb3/E3 and Eb4/E4.

Jungkook strengths within this vocal range include:

  • Relatively good pitch when he is not doing vocal runs
  • Minimising vocal strain by favouring Falsetto over head voice
  • Maintain a lower connection to Eb3 when singing
  • Maintain a relaxed approach up to Eb4/E4
  • He has a relaxed Falsetto sometimes.

Jungkook sings too safe by rarely changing up his tone, and he sings within the same hence always sounding precisely the same.

Jungkook can do falsetto well without going off-key or too flat, and he can use his voice for some high notes.

 What is The Highest Note Jungkook Can Sing?

The highest range Jungkook can sing A5 with a range of 3 octaves and a note, with his voice type light lyric tenor and having a very relaxed falsetto.

‘beautiful’ shows where Jungkook used his highest note ever, A5.

What Are Some Classic Jungkook Songs to Practice?

Some classic Jungkook solo songs you can practice with are:

  • Begin:

Begin from their Debut Album wings tells the story of jungkook and his journey to becoming an idol and how he met with the remaining members of his band and was taken care of.

The YouTube link to the song begins is below:

  • Still With You:

Still with you is Jungkook’s officially first solo song outside the BTS discography. The song was released last year to SoundCloud for free to mark BTS yearly debut celebration. The song ” Still with you” talks about wanting to reclaim lost love. The song was produced by pdogg and Jungkook; the song conveyed Jungkook’s love for BTS’s Fans and the Army.

The YouTube link to the song still with you is below:

  • Euphoria:

Euphoria talks about the group BTS before they became the international sensation they now are; at its release, euphoria became one of the best selling songs; the song’s lyrics were easy to sing to, so it resonated with a lot BTS’ fans.

The YouTube link to the song euphoria is down below:


Although the youngest of the BTS group Jungkook is their lead singer, ever since his first audition, we have seen him making waves after waves in the music industry alongside his other band members.

Jungkook is known to have a very familiar tenor voice that is heard all over pop and pop; this is indeed favorable as he is the lead singer of the BTS band

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