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Julian Casablancas is an American singer and songwriter and is popular for his role as the lead vocalist and major songwriter for the rock band The Strokes.

Julian formed the band in 1998 and they have been performing together since then.

Together with his band, Casablancas has been seen as a major influence on the new style of rock and he won a Grammy Award for the album The New Normal in 2021.

There is no controversy that a lot of young artists admire Casablanca’s style of music and would love to sing like him.

This article will discuss Julian Casablancas vocal range and voice type, how he started singing and how to sing like him.

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Julian Casablanca?

How To Sing Like Julian Casablancas
  1. Invest in Voice Training

The best and greatest singers today did not start out the way they are.

They worked on their voices to get where they are. You might think you do not have a good voice when in essence all you need is vocal training.

Start with learning your voice type, your range, correcting your posture and breathing and also take some exercises to improve your voice generally.

  1. Work on Expanding Your Range

Julian Casablancas has set an exemplary record by expanding his range beyond what he originally started with.

That goes to show that even if you think you have a limited range, you can work on it with time and patience to make it sound better and more polished.

  1. Listen to Julians’ Songs and Watch His Performances

This is the way to learn his vocal technique. Pick a Julian song that is easy for you and learn it by rote.

Sing the song to yourself over again and you can even record yourself to hear how you sound.

Also, watching his live performances will go a long way in helping you learn the smallest details and nuances about his performances.

  1. Practice A Lot

Your dreams will not go anywhere if you don’t practice. You will definitely not achieve learning to sing like Casablanca in a day. Even Julian himself could not achieve that feat. 

Work on your voice and practice as much as you can. 

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What Voice Type Does Julian Casablanca Have?

Julian Casablanca has been classified as baritone with a three octave and eight semitones range.

When he started singing, his voice had a slurry and raspy quality to it but over the years he finessed it and there is less raspiness as well a well rounded and more expanded vocal range.

What Makes Julian Casablancas’ Voice So Unique?

His first several albums/EPs with The Strokes showcased him primarily singing from the upper 2nd to the middle 4th octaves.

His voice stood out right away, with a slurred yet strong, heavy and, modestly raspy timbre accentuated by a distorted microphone.  

His rasp was most noticeable in his higher register, while his lower notes sounded cleaner.

Julian’s vocal tone sounded slightly clearer and croonerish by The Strokes’ third album, First Impressions Of Earth.

He had also expanded his range and due to quitting alcohol he was able to extend into the 4th and middle 2nd octave.

Although still recognizable, the rasp has reduced in his voice yet leaving him sounding cleaner than ever.

Can Julian Casablanca Actually Sing?

For me, Julian Casablancas can not only actually sing, he is actively looking for ways to improve his voice and music.

His songs have been sounding better in recent songs than the earlier ones and this is due to his hard work to expand his vocals. 

With time, he has lost most of the raspiness that was associated with his voice in the beginning and his tunes come out sounding clear and melodious.

He is also finessing his falsetto and head voice and more of his recent songs are being recorded in his upper register. 

Undoubtedly his sobriety is also a positive contributor towards the growth of his voice. 

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How Did Julian Casablanca Start Singing?

Julian Casablanca met his bandmates Albert Hammond Jnr, Fabrizio Moretti and Nick Valensi in high school and began playing with them plus bassist Nikolai Fraiture in 1998. 

Is This It, the band’s first album released in 2001, was a commercial success, helping to re-establish back-to-basics, street rock and which placed them side by side with bands like The White Stripes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs’. 

The Strokes returned in 2003 with the new wave-tinged Room on Fire and the ambitious First Impressions of Earth, respectively, and proceeded on an extended break after going on tour for First Impressions of Earth. 

After the five year hiatus, the band released Angles in 2011 followed by Comeback in 2013 and The New Abnormal in 2020 which won them a Grammy Award in 2021.

Julian Casablanca has also ventured into solo music with his album Phrazes for The Young which he released in the fall of 2009.

He formed another band known as The Voidz in 2013 and they were originally known as Casablancas + the Voidz. Their debut album was Tyranny released in 2014 and it was followed by Virtue in 2018. 

What Is Julian Casablancas Vocal Range?

Julian Casablancas has a vocal range that spans three octaves and six semitones which covers the notes C2 – F#5.

Julians’ range has expanded and changed since he first started singing.

There is less raspiness involved than when he first started and he is able to sing both high and low.

What Is The Highest Note Julian Casablanca Can Sing?

Julian has a well developed head voice and he can often sing into the fifth octave comfortably.

His highest pitch of yet is F#5 with notable songs in that range including ‘Hawaii’, ‘Call it Fate, Call it Karma’ and ‘One Way Trigger’.

With his increasingly expanding voice Julian has been able to polish his falsetto and is making effective use of both his head and chest register.

What Are Some Classic Julian Casablanca Songs To Practice?

  • Glad Girl: The Strokes couldn’t stop talking about Guided By Voices in their early days. There’s a hazy recording of Julian joining his favorite band onstage to sing along to their indie smash ‘Glad Girls.’ “I’m fucking nervous, alright!” he yelps, before hollering along, sometimes in tune, sometimes not. 
  • Left Right and In The Dark: Julian Casablancas’ gorgeous way with a tune shines through in this cool, calm, and collected demo from the bonus track of the Phrazes. The song brings on the dose of reverb and an acoustic guitar.
  • 30 Minute Boyfriend: ’30 Minute Boyfriend,’ a ‘Phrazes for the Young’ bonus track, is a sleazy, synthy glimpse into Julian’s New York late at night. Love and lust collide as Julian deadpans, “You got a boyfriend/you just forgot/all.” That’s See, romance is difficult for rockstars as well as regular people like you and me.


Julian Casablanca is a twentieth century singer who has influenced the world of rock music with his various involvements in two rock bands and also his forays into solo music.

Having established two separate bands, launched a relatively solo successful career and started a record label, Julian Casablanca has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the rock and music industry in general.

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