How to Sing Like Ivan Moody (5 Brilliant Tips)

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Ivan Moody is an American singer and songwriter. He’s the lead vocalist for the heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP).

Prior to joining FFDP, he performed with various other bands, including Motograter and Ghost Machine. 

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Ivan Moody?

How to Sing Like Ivan Moody
  • Understand his type of voice. Singing exactly like Ivan Moody is not possible. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t sound similar to him. You have to understand the type of voice he has. How each tempo follows the others? The way he carries each pitch. 
  • Style. Ivan is more into the metallic kind of music. Where he gets to scream at times. So you have to study his song style to gain a better understanding.
  • Pronunciation and lyrics. It’s essential to know how Ivan pronounces his words. Does he have an accent? Does that accent have an effect on his pronunciation? Also, his lyrical composition. How each work follows each others? 
  • Steady posture and breathing. In order to be able to sound alike with Ivan, you need a steady posture. That is, no slouching. The right posture helps you to maintain your voice and stay on pitch. Furthermore, proper breathing helps you channel your voice without straining it beyond its capability.
  • Practice consistently. Lastly, consistent practice makes it easier to sing like Ivan Moody.

What Voice Type Does Ivan Moody Have?

Ivan Moody possesses an endearing baritone voice. His range extends from sweet and lyrical to frightening yells and a thunderous roar.

What Makes Ivan Moody’s Voice So Unique?

Ivan’s voice is distinctive because his rich baritone and vein-popping rage lend authority and bite to even the most unabashedly simple choruses.

Can Ivan Moody Actually Sing?

Ivan can sing. He has established himself as a strong singer with an extremely harsh, distorted upper range.

In contrast, he possesses an extremely warm, grumbly bottom range with considerable strength. 

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How Did Ivan Moody Get Started Singing?

Ivan began singing when he was enrolled in a choir by his grandma.

From there, he’s always had a passion for music. Then, in 2001, he formed his first band, Toiz, in Los Angeles.

The band performed a few performances in the Los Angeles region in 2002 and recorded an unreleased demo.

He then joined the nu-metal band Motograter the next year. On June 24, 2003, they released their self-titled studio album.

They achieved mainstream popularity in 2003 by performing on the second stage of Ozzfest and toured with Korn, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Nothingface, Slipknot, Mushroomhead, and Killswitch Engage.

Motograter took a vacation in 2005 but returned for a one-off reunion gig at the Delicious Rox Festival in 2006.

Moody also formed a band called Black Blood Orchestra with former housemates and family members Ryan Morrow (bass), Bill Stonebraker (guitar), and Jim “Dugan” Demongey (drums).

On July 26, 2005, Moody joined the heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch, and his side project, Ghost Machine, published their self-titled debut album.

On November 21, 2006, Ghost Machine released their second album, Hypersensitive.

In the same year, Five Finger Death Punch entered the studio with Steve Bruno and Mike Sarkisyan to record their debut album at Next Level Studios and Complex Studios in Los Angeles.

Zoltan Bathory and Jeremy Spencer produced the album mixed by Logan Mader, a former Machine Head and Soulfly guitarist.

What Is Ivan Moody’s Vocal Range?

 Moody has a vocal range spanning from G♯1-D5. He has an amazing range. Beautifully smooth melodic to perfectly in range controlled death scream.

What Are Some Classic Ivan Moody Songs To Practice?

  • The Bleeding

This first tune is the lead single from 2006’s The Way of the Fist.

Although it is a deeply intimate song about Ivan Moody’s breakup from his fiancée, it featured actress Danielle Harris as his lover in its promotional video.

Harris is most known for starring in two Halloween films.

  • Full Circle

This record, dubbed “rebirth,” is extremely thoughtful and personal for the band.

Ivan Moody spends a great deal of time discussing his personal issues, including addiction and the loss of friends.

One of them is the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, who tragically committed suicide in 2017.

  • Far From Home

This song is the album’s final single.

It debuted at number thirty-three on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart and peaked at number four.

Additionally, it charted on the relevant Rock Songs list, where it debuted at number forty-five and peaked at number fourteen.

It was a part of the television show Criminal Minds. It was a track that required some time to develop prior to being assembled.


Ivan Moody is an exceptional singer for his style of music. However, to sing like him requires dedication and consistency.

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