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Hayley Williams started out singing at 14 years after forming her group ‘Paramore’ with four other band members.

She has been singing since 2003 and has a rich career both with her group and as a solo artist. 

She is known for her outstanding stamina and breath control as she can move in between notes without losing her pitch. Some of her hit songs include ‘Airplanes with B.O.B, ‘Misery Business’ and ‘Hard Times’.

Learning to sing like Hayley Williams is a feat some upcoming artists wish to achieve and in this article we will be looking out how to do that while analyzing Hayley Williams voice for a better understanding.

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Hayley Williams?

How To Sing Like Hayley Williams

1. Train Your Voice

Not all great singers started out with bang voices.

Most of them spent a lot of time training their voices to be up to par and above average. Hayley Williams herself attended a voice coach for over 5 years and we all see the results. 

2. Develop Your Head Voice

Head voice is an important tool to be able to sing in a high voice.

A strong head voice can propel your voice to astronomical heights. Though not strong by itself to sing high, it is a major building block to achieve that feat.

3. Watch and Listen To Hayley’s Performances

How will you be able to sing like Hayley William if you do not know how Hayley sings, sounds and acts.

Watch every one of her videos and performances. Take note of the tiniest details and when practicing try to replicate them.

4. Stay Consistent

Dedication is quite important to be able to imitate another artist successfully.

Hayley took singing lessons for years to perfect her voice even after she started singing.

Practice regularly and follow her vocal techniques to be a successful imitation artist. 

What Voice Type Does Hayley Williams Have?

Hayley Williams is a light lyric soprano singer with an amazing 4 octave range which together with her delivery style and energetic performance makes her one of the most admired women in rock music. 

Hayley Williams has exceptional stamina and voice control, which allows her to flow quickly in between notes without losing pitch or sounding out of breath.

She popularly also uses voice cracks to express her emotions in her songs.

She has a solid vocal technique and takes really good care of her voice. 

What Makes Hayley Williams Voice So Unique?

Hayley Williams has an interesting and powerful voice which she explores widely while singing.

She has top notch vocal control and is able to flow in and out of notes while singing which is not an easy feat for most singers. 

She has a different range of vocal styles which she uses and has the ability to sing up to the flute or whistle register which is quite amazing. 

Her ability to control her voice and modulate has won her the affection of many fans including those who are not originally fans of rock music.

She infuses her voice with emotions when performing and this helps her to connect with her audience.

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Can Hayley William Actually Sing?

Hayley Williams of Paramore is a singer that pretty much does her thing and has a distinctive sound which sets her apart from others.

Hayley Williams is a great vocalist and even though I wouldn’t classify her with the likes of Whitney Houston she is on par with Ariana Grande and definitely better than Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez in my opinion.

She also doesn’t rely so much on autotune as you can hear her voice loud and clear in most of her performances.

Hayley’s bright and girly tone often gives her music a cheerful outlook which her fans have come to love.

Her strongest ability still remains her pitch, voice and breathing control. Despite being diagnosed with vocal nodules, she has tackled the problem head on and her voice reminds topnotch and comes across as beautiful. 

How Did Hayley Start Singing?

Hayley Williams was born in Mississippi in 1988 and spent a lot of her free time singing and playing her guitar.

In 2002, she met up with her future group members, Josh and Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York. 

They formed Paramore and worked on songs together.

They got signed on to Atlantic Records and by 2005, they had released their first album ‘All We Know Is Falling’.

She has produced 4 main albums with Paramore even though some original members have left and returned back. 

They won a Grammy Award for their single ‘Ain’t it Fun’ and their albums have topped the Billboard 100 charts often.

Hayley has been the lead singer and major songwriter for the group.

She has also been involved in her solo career including producing a track which was used in the horror film ‘Jennifers’ Body’.

Starting out her musical career at an early age, Hayley Williams has recorded considerable success for herself and doesn’t have plans of stopping soon. 

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What Is Hayley Williams Vocal Range?

Hayley Williams has a vocal range of Bb2 – A5 – B6 with a 4 octave range.

She can sing pretty well low in the range and also go hit with the B flat while maintaining a good voice posture and without losing breath. 

Despite the fact that she is a light lyric soprano, her register is richly dark and smoothly transits into the second octave.

As her voice ascends, Williams the darkness  and picks on a brighter timbre. Her middle register is well built and projected. 

Her upper sounds also resonate well and can be bold, edgy or smooth.

What Is The Highest Note Hayley Williams Can Sing?

In songs like ‘Decode’ and ‘Renegade’ Hayley Williams explores her upper register which can go as high as a B flat 6.

She can also reach the flute octave however she doesn’t utilize the space that much.

When she goes higher than tessitura she tends to sound shouty so she most often avoids that range and sticks to her naturally comfortable pace.

What Are Some Classic Hayley Williams Songs To Practice? (List 3 And Drop Their Youtube Link)

  • Airplanes with B.O.B: ‘Airplanes with B.O.B’ was Hayley Williams first solo venture outside of Paramore and it was an astounding success. The feature song topped No 1 on the Official Charts and No 2 on the US Charts.
  • Misery Business: ‘Misery Business’ released in 2013 is considered to be Haylely Williams and Paramore’s breakthrough song. It is their second most streamed song with 40.7 million plays worldwide.
  • Stay The Night With Zedd: This song gave an insight into Hayley’s voice and showed her in another light. The track turned out to be a hit and consistently climbed the charts peaking at No 2 on the Official Chart.


Beautiful, zesty and hardworking, Hayley Williams has been on the rock music scene for close to two decades and we can agree that she definitely brings a refreshing air to the scenario.

Starting out her musical career as early as 14 years old, she has remained focused and dedicated to her art.

Hayley’s unique points are her impressive voice control and her ability to flow and transit between notes smoothly without causing a break.

Hayley is one musician that a lot of young artists admire and wish to sing like.

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