How To Sing Like Halsey (3 Steps To Follow)

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Halsey has a breathy tone, heavily modified vowels, and a very relaxed consonant.  Her voice is unique, and for you to sing like Halsey, you will need to use a breathy tone.

You can get a breathy tone due to how much air you can push through the notes.

Some easy to do techniques you may likely find helpful in your practice of how to sing like Halsey are:

  • Be very mindful of your phonetics and your glottal opening, which is responsible for the breathy voice.
  • Secondly, always pronounce a single vowel as having two vowels, that is, stretching your vowels beyond what is necessary.
  • Always replace the R with an ‘ee’ or [i] or ‘in.’

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Halsey?

How To Sing Like Halsey

Some steps you need to take to be able to sing like Halsey are:

  • Curve your tongue into your shape:

The u-shaped tongue should go back further into the back of your mouth, using this most especially on vowels to get that distinct pronunciation Halsey has got going on with vowels. With constant practice, you will eventually get the hang of things.

  • Place the sound between the back of your throat and your nose to get a Halsey sound. Make use of both your nose and your throat to learn placement.
  • Use your more to get Halsey breathy tone; the amount of air in your tone will determine how breathy or less breathy you will be.
  • Work on your new jersey accent; since Harsey is from New Jersey, you can learn that on YouTube

What Voice Type Does Halsey Have?

Halsey is in the mezzo-soprano category with a 2-octave range.

Her breathy voice, weird pronunciations, and how she diphthong a monosyllabic verb made her singing style Indie.

Halsey is a pop singer with her songs ranging from R&B, Pop and electropop.

What Makes Halsey’s Voice So Unique?

Her voice when singing is quite different from her voice when she is talking; she uses a strange technique like when singing; she includes a dry/breathy sound, combined with her pronunciation, as well as heavily modifying vowels that generally would need no modification whatsoever.

Can Halsey Sing?

Yes. Halsey can sing, although she finds it difficult to hold a high tune and sings with an indie voice.

She has a smooth tone that is very rich, and she writes most of her songs herself, which translates to the fact that she writes song lyrics that work very well with her tone.

Due to how she sings with an indie voice, she faces backlash from some critics online; her most prominent critic was Nicki Swift, a channel on YouTube who listed Halsey as one of the Pop Stars you don’t want to hear in actual life singing.

Halsey is a great singer, but she is not that great as a live performer.

This is the reason why most times, she makes use of the aid of technology to make her live performances better.

 How Did Halsey Start Singing?

Halsey has always been a fan of music since when she was young; as a way to take her mind off her troubled family background, Halsey invested her time in poetry and began playing different instruments.

She learnt how to play the violin, the cello, and the viola.

At age 14, she started playing the acoustic guitar. In 2015, she came into the music scenes; she was immediately catapulted into fame; her music took over the Pop charts because of its lyrics that people could relate with and her unique looks.

Halsey did not have an easy childhood; her parents had to drop out of school to look after her when they discovered they were pregnant with her

For her parents to survive, they had to chase down job opportunities moving from one town to the other.

Her mom bought her a second-handed violin for her birthday initially after her dad refused, with her mother telling her father that they should not hold Halsey back because they had got no idea what she would turn out to be.

Halsey released some of her music on social media; this led her into gaining attention from fans and music producers alike

In 2014, Astralwerks signed and released room 93, her debut album later that same year.

In 2015, she released her official studio debut album “Badlands”. The song was certified double platinum by the recording industry association of America.

Halsey was also featured in Chainsmokers single ‘closer’, which became a hit song and topped the charts in over ten countries.

She then went ahead to release her second studio album ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, in the year 2017, albeit it was not as successful as the first studio release but its singles ‘bad at love’ and ‘now or never’ reached the top 20 of the billboard hot 100, with the former peaking at the top five.

In 2020, she released her third studio album, maniac that became her best selling album worldwide.

Her most successful single as a lead artist was “without me”.

The year 2021 saw her fourth studio Alb release, “If I can’t have love, I want power”, and it received positive reviews in general.

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What is Halsey’s Vocal Range?

Halsey’s vocal range is between E3 to A5(2.4) octaves.

Note that an artist’s vocal range is gotten from some of their songs with the highest and lowest ranges.

Halsey song with the highest pitch is now or never with the pitch at (E4 to A5)

And her lowest pitch is Graveyard with the pitch (E3 to D5)

With her pitch and vocal range, Hansel can sing songs for mezzo-soprano (A3 to A5) and Contralto(Ab3 to Ab4).

Some of her songs with their range include:

  • Colours (Ab3- Ab4)
  • Ghost(B3-A4)
  • Castle(G3-G4)
  • Gasoline(Ab3 -Bb4)
  • Without me(Bb3-F5)
  • Nightmare(G3-D5)
  • Eyes closed(F#3-B4)
  • Bad at love'(F3-B5)
  • New Americana(Bb3-C5)
  • Sorry(F3-Bb4).

What is The Highest Note Halsey Can Sing?

The highest note Halsey can sing is with pitch E4- A5.

What Are Some Classic Halsey Songs To Practice?

Some classic Halsey songs you can practice your voice with to sound like her are:

  • Now or Never:

Now or never by Halsey is a song from Hopeless fountain kingdom, her second studio album; the song was released on the 4th of April 2014 by Alstrawerks.

Halsey co-wrote the song with Darrah and its producers; it is now or never a dark pop with a touch of R&B.

Dark or Never was certified 2X platinum in the US and reached the top twenty in Australia, Malaysia.

The YouTube link to the song Now or Never is:

  • Graveyard:

The graveyard was released on the 19th of September 2019 through capitol records; it is the second single from her third album.

It is the Top 40 in over fifteen countries and Canada, the United States and America; the song is certified platinum, the song’s genre is electro-pop and pop.

The song is about loving someone in the wrong place and not realizing you are following them to that same place.

Another thing the song talks about is caring and loving yourself and not following others.

The link to the song Graveyard is:

  • Nightmare:

The nightmare was released on May 17, 2019. The song is power and power pop.

The song talks about acceptance and sexual freedom with killer lines. It was named the 17th best song of 2019 by the Billboard.

The link to the song Nightmare is:


Halsey stands out from many of her contemporaries; she has a unique sound. With her indie voice, most of her songs tend to stand haunting, and her songs are relatable.

She may not be the greatest of musicians, but she can hold down her own.

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