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Fans of rock metal would all be familiar with Geoff Tate of the Queensryche band and who is especially renowned for his baritone operatic voice and dynamic performances. 

Geoff Tate was born in Germany and started singing quite early and is very much still relevant in the rock metal scene.

He started out his career with The Mob which later became Queensryche and later on went solo.

A lot of artists have expressed their interests to sing like Geoff Tate and this is not impossible.

In this article I’ll be explaining steps needed to sing like Tate, his voice type and vocal range and Geoff Tates’ songs you can practice with. 

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Geoff Tate?

How To Sing Like Geoff Tate
  1. Sing and Train Your Voice Regularly

According to Geoff Tate himself ‘sing every chance you can. If you don’t use it, you lose it’.

Train your voice and build it till its’ powerful and you feel confident. Also learn to sing like a rock/metal singer.

  1. Watch Geoff Tates’ Performance

Watching a favorite artist perform is a way of quickly learning how to sing like your favorite artist.

You can easily find both old and recent Geoff Tates’ performances on YouTube and MTV.

This will help you to unconsciously internalize some of his expressions and gestures. 

  1. Pick a Suitable Song

Train yourself to sing like Geoff Tate.

Pick one of his songs which is easy for you to sing without putting on a strain on yourself.

By starting out with a simple song, you get to familiarize yourself with his mode of singing, mode and intonations.

  1. Listen to it Regularly 

Listening to the song over and over again, helps you to learn even the smallest details from tone to pitch and even pronunciation.

Take one stanza at a time and keep repeating the verse till you are perfect at it.

  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is key to achieving anything you set your heart to. Keep practicing and watching performances and with time you’ll achieve being able to sing like Geoff Tate. 

What Voice Type Does Geoff Tate Have?

Geoff Tate is a classic baritone who is renowned for his operatic voice.

He is able to hit a jaw dropping 4-octave and Geoff Tate  is regarded as one of the most iconic metal singers of the 80s era. 

He earned the admiration and love of metal fans with his  resolute  head voice method and enthusiastic phraseology. 

Although he started off with low tones, George Tate was able to work on his voice to incorporate his natural baritone timbre. 

Geoff in his glory days had a voice evocative of live theater with his ability to switch between soaring long notes.. 

What Makes Geoff Tate’s Voice So Unique?

Geoff Tate has had a long and rich musical career and till now his songs continue to thrill lovers of metallic singing.

Like I said earlier, Geoff started his career with low tones and he was even mistaken as a tenor at some point.

However, he kept on working on it till he got the baritone resonance.

Over the years, Geoffs’ voice has changed from twanging in the earlier years to more belting and more constricted low head tones in the latter years.

One thing about Geoff Tate is he never stops working on his voice and this has produced the rich and unique pitches we have heard over the years. 

Can Geoff Tate Actually Sing?

Geoff Tate is a singer who has paved the way for many artists especially in the metal genre with his progressive style of singing.

When he started out in the 1980s, he had a twangy and low configuration style. 

He hasn’t stopped training his voice and this has reflected the changes we have seen in his voice over the years.

Even at 60, he is always working on his voice and can still perform some of the original songs he sang 30 years ago.

The different inflections which can be seen in his voice from his early albums to the 90s and also in recent times.

It’s clear that Geoff is equally at ease with deep 2nd octave crooning as he is with high wailing, which contributes to his renown as having one of the most versatile ranges in rock/metal music.

His voice has deepened even more in recent times, with his high range not sounding as strong as it once did. Geoff is still obviously capable of delivering some remarkable and diverse performances.

For me, Geoff Tate is a great singer and his fans know they can expect strong and dynamic vocals from him during his performances. 

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How Did Geoff Tate Start Singing?

Geoff Tate had an early interest in music as his family always sang in the house and he had an aunt that was an opera singer.

Geoff started singing in local rock bands and over time he started The Myth and The Mob which officially became Queensryche later.

Queensryche released an EP in 1983 and this sort of kicked off their official career as they started gathering a following and also performing tours with notable acts such as Dio and Quiet Riots.

Their style was progressive rock mixed with heavy metal. 

Their album Operation: Mindcrime in 1988 gave them the needed breakthrough and their next release Empire further solidified their place in the minds of their fans.

The group fell out in 2012, when the other members fired Tate for a number of reasons. 

He has since formed a group with other members and his solo career is still strong as he is still touring and singing some of the bands’ original songs.

What Is Geoff Tate’s Vocal Range?

Geoff Tate is one of the greatest metal vocalists of all time and he is ranked 14 on the Hit Parader’s list of the 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All Time.

Tate has an impressive vocal range which he often flexes in his performances.

He often gives high wailing notes as well as low tenors during performances. Geoff Tates’ vocal range has been placed between C2 – F#5.

Some of his particularly high notes can be seen in songs like ‘Damaged’, ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Blinded’

He also has performances  in the low A – B notes category such as ‘At the Edge’ and ‘Chasing Blue Sky’.

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What Is The Highest Note Geoff Tate Can Sing?

Geoff Tate is popular for regularly belting out high notes for a baritone singer.

Geoff Tate has established himself as one of metal’s most dominant vocalists with two phenomenal live albums from his time with Queensryche.

His performance at ‘Live Tokyo’ sees him singing a lot of high notes to perfection. His highest note so far has been E3 – F#5 which is evidenced in the Operation: Mindcrime song. 

Geoff is versatile with regular performances on both high and low notes with his lowest being Lucidity on a range of C2 – A4.

What Are Some Classic Geoff Tate  Songs To Practice?

Geoff Tate has blessed us with so many classics and memorable songs.

It can be really hard to pick a favorite. Anyway, if you are looking to sing like Geoff Tate, here are my 3 best songs with which you can practice. 

  • Queen of the Reich: Queen of the Reich is a classic Geoff Tate song which was written and produced back when Queensryche was still the Mob. The song later gave the band the idea for its new name. 
  • Eyes of a Stranger: The song is a favorite of the Queenstryche band and was released with their 1988 album. It was also the bands’ first single to feature on the US Mainstream Rock chart where it reached no 35. 
  • Silent Lucidity: Silent Lucidity was Tates’ biggest hit with the band Queensryche. It peaked at no 9 on the Billboard Top 100 and also got a Grammy nomination. 


Wanting to sing like Geoff Tate, one of the greatest metal and rock vocalists of all time is not a small task to carry out.

Tate has a cult-like following amongst rock metal fans and many artists are looking to copy his style.

George Tate has a rich baritone voice which is dynamic and which over the years has changed pitch and inflection to reflect different resonations.

Tate himself revealed that the secret to his still strong voice is training which he carries out everyday.

Although the German born singer has been on the scene for close to 30 years, he still remains relevant with his repertoire of songs and performances.

By Sophie Collins

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