How To Sing Like Eddie Vedder (Follow These Steps)

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Eddie Vedder’s singing style is a combination of soulful elements and Rock.

To sing like Eddie, you need to understand his style of music and his techniques. Earrings are Eddie’s music style and he is known for exaggerating his style to pass his music in an inoffensive and soulful manner.

To sing like Eddie you should also take up learning his music style Earrings. The good news is the fact that Yarings can be also be learned, with practice and also dedication.

But you should be careful for you not to have your vocal chord damaged.

Because what Eddie does is not healthy vocally.

His singing techniques are majorly centered around shouting out the vowels, and to alter his pitch, he is known to constantly shift the sounds. The only drawbacks of the rings are that it is limiting. In the sense that an artist would not be able to reach a higher note.

Eddie Vedder closes down hard on all his vowel sounds and uses very little core support and you will need to learn this to be able to sing like him.

Every music has its very own hall of fame and in Rock music’s hall of fame stand unparalleled Eddie Vedder’s Voice and Talent.

can gravitate towards aggressive singing styles and at the same time gentle acoustics leaving his audience in awe.

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Eddie Vedder

How To Sing Like Eddie Vedder
  • Open up your throats and push out air from your diaphragm, opening up your throats give it that lower, calm, and relaxed sound that Eddie Vedder has. The open and relaxed throat is a key
  • To get that grunge sound, you will need to have your lips relaxed and just let the words flow from your mouth.
  • Learn to switch from your chest voice to your head voice
  • Power up your vocals by allowing the power to come up from your diaphragm and opening up your throats and mouth to let it out naturally.
  • Control the air from your diaphragm and the shape of your throat to give your voice that distorted sound
  • Open your throats, even more, to get to the high note
  • Put the residence and the pressure at the back of your throats and allow your diaphragm to control the volume to make your voice gets more intense.

What Voice Type Does Eddie Vedder Have?

Eddie Vedder is known to have a very powerful and deep baritone vocal.

Due to his unique voice type because Eddie Vedder has a wide range as a result of his strong ability to both sing lower and higher notes.

Eddie can comfortably sing reaching the 4th octave but when it gets to the 5th octave, his voice gets strained and gritty.

With Eddies type of wide voice range, it can be adjusted to songs of any kind of mood. His voice depicts Passion, intensity and it’s very Raw.

What Makes Eddie Vedder Voice Unique?

His voice is the pearl Jam gang trademark and what makes his voice unique is his ability to convey the authenticity and quality of his emotions.

He also can blend tones of voices like the heart voice to the head voice back to the heart voice simultaneously.

Then it is quite difficult to understand the wordings from his song when he is singing, which all the more add mystery to his voice.

He can deliver his song both vulnerably and hyper-masculinity all at the same time

Can Eddie Vedder Sing?

Yes. Eddie Vedder can sing even without the backing of any form of musical instruments his voice can shine through.

Eddie Vedder’s voice is a powerful force that is recognized by his and other musical groups.

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What is Eddie Vedder’s vocal range?

Eddie Vedder’s vocal range is F#1 to G#6( 5 Octaves, 2 Notes). He has a really wide range of notes due to his strong Vocals. Some of the vocal range is:

  • A5(“All Night”, “Happy when I am crying”).
  • G#5(” Daddy Could Swear, I Declare”, ” Happy when I am crying”)
  • G5( ” Do the evolution”, ” state of love and trust”).
  • F#5(“Deep”,” Even flow”)
  • F5(“Can’t deny me”,  “I have got a feeling”,” live improv Argentina 2015″, “Rival”).
  • E5(” 2000 miles blues”, “Black”, ” Breath”, “Dirty Frank”, ” Leash”, ” you are true”, “waiting on you”. Etc)
  • Eb5(“Big wave”, ” Daddy could swear, I declare”, ” Even flow”, The wolf”, “Never Destination”).
  • D5(” Amongst the waves”,” Daughter”, “Black”, ” Education”, ” Four walled houses”, etc.)
  • C#5( Angel, Breath, lightening bolt, Rival, etc.)
  • C5( Better days, can’t deny me, Gimme some truths, can’t keep, come back, etc)
  • B4(Again today, All or none, Believe You Me, Around and Around, indifference, Inside job, Just breathe etc.)
  • Bb4( All the way, Blood, Big wave, Drifting, faithful etc)
  • A4(  Black, Getaway, Garden, Hiding, Last Kiss, Magical Mystery four, little sister, etc)
  • G#4( All Night, Hard sun, Evacuation, Soldeir of love, Retrogade etc)
  • G4( Cross Roads, crown of thorns, Around and Around, Better Man, Better things etc)

A lot of Eddie Vedder’s songs are centered around the third octave majorly, and sometimes into the fourth. He is one of those artists whose voice has stayed very consistent, even over the years.

Most times he doesn’t go higher up to the fifth octave and when he does his voice becomes a little cranky.

But he can go comfortably to the vet bottom of the second octave.

What is the Highest Note Eddie Vedder Can Sing?

The highest Note Eddie Vedder can sing is falsetto G#6 from the cover “Daddy Could Swear, I Believe “

How Did Eddie Vedder Start Singing?

Eddie Vedder started his music career by recording demo tapes and also working in different San Diego bands off and on.

In 1988 he was the vocalist for Bad radio, a San Diego progressive funk rock band. Eddie Vedder is a self taught musicians as he did not take any vocal lessons.

But he is an artist that knows his voice capabilities really well.

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What Are Some Classic Eddie Vedders Song?

Some songs of Eddie Vedder’s you can practice with are:

  1. Thumbing my way:

Thumbing my way is a song of loss, regret and pain.

This song was released when the band pearl Jam was going through a very rough time,  they were still trying to recover from the loss of about 9 fans at the Roskilde Festival.

With thumbing my way you can hear the raw emotion and grief that was still in their hearts due to that huge loss. This song was played on a regular basis in the year 2000.

The link to thumbing my way is:

  1. Longing to belong:

Longing to belong is one of  Eddie Vedder’s song released in 2011.

The song is about what every human beings longs for, including you and I, the sense of belonging, it is a need to feel connected to another person.

With this song Eddie once again showed his artistics traits of knowing how to connect and bring out emotions through his singing.

The link to longing to belong is:

  1. Long way:

Long way is the first single from the band solo Lp Earthling. This song tells the story of star crossed lovers and how she was his everything but she was needed most in space.

 The link to long way is:


Eddie Vedder is the lead vocalist of Pearl J a Rock Band Group, he has a unique voice and he sing in the way he does as an original way of expressing himself.

Singing like Eddie Vedder has become what most people would like to do and to achieve that is no easy feat, it will take a lot of practice and patience, but do know that even with all the practice you may likely not sound exactly like Eddie.

The reason why you will not most likely sound exactly like Eddie is because you are both unique and different in your own ways.

By Sophie Collins

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