How To Sing Like Christina Aguilera (5 Brilliant Tips)

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Christina Aguilera is an American singer and songwriter who is well-known for her vocal range that spans four octaves. 

Christina’s songs include heartfelt ballads as well as catchy and upbeat tracks which have all incorporated influences from Latin, R&B, soul, pop and jazz music. 

Christina was designated one of the greatest singers of all time by Rolling Stone in 2008. 

Her songs have served as an influence for numerous upcoming singers and quite a number of them express the desire to sing like her and learn her vocal technique.

This article will discuss how to sing like Christina Aguilera and also give some background into her voice type and vocal range, how she started singing as well as some of her songs to practice. 

What Are The Steps Needed To Sing Like Christina Aguilera?

How To Sing Like Christina Aguilera
  1. Familiarize Yourself With Her Style

It is easier for you to learn to sing like someone when you are familiar with their style and their way of singing.

Listen to Christina Aguilera’s music regularly and watch her video performances. You can easily get access to her music on YouTube, Spotify, MTV or any other music channel. 

Connect with the music as you listen. Learn the songs by rote and pay attention to every word.

Also, familiarize yourself with her musical influences such as soul, RnB songs and singers like Aretha Franklin and Mavis Staples. 

  1. Learn Her Vocal Techniques

Christina has her own unique way of singing which distinguishes her from every other singer out there.

Again, this comes easier when you have been listening to her songs. Pick out the ones that come naturally for you to sing and work at them till you are perfect.

Also, add riffs, runs and embellishments to your songs and pay attention to where Christina does that in her songs.

  1. Improve Your Voice

You might think your voice is at its peak performance however your voice most likely still has space for improvement.

Take voice lessons that will help you to maximize your voice abilities and talents.

  1. Practice Regularly 

Practice is quite important if you plan to accomplish your singing goals. Sing in the bathroom, in the car, while cooking or taking out the trash.

As you stay consistent over time, your voice will perfect itself and you will be able to sing like Christina Aguilera. 

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What Voice Type Does Christina Aguilera Have?

Christina Aguilera’s voice type is lyric mezzo soprano with four octaves and two notes.

Christina Aguilera has a beautiful voice which has caused her to be compared with super talented singer Mariah Carey. 

What Makes Christina Aguilera’s Voice So Unique?

The beautiful thing about Christina Aguilera’s voice is she has command of a dexterous and effective voice which is best known for her breathtaking melodies as well as edgy belts. 

She is able to switch between different vocal ranges as smoothly as possible, as well as control and hold notes for longer periods of time.

Her voice is agile and dexterous, and she can move effortlessly between various parts of her range. 

We often see her in songs holding down her notes without vibrato.

This has established Christina Aguilera as one of the greatest singers of her time in her own right.

Can Christina Aguilera Actually Sing?

Christina Aguilera is not only an amazing singer, she is always a bad ass song writer as we can see the amazing way she molds her words and phraseology. 

The midrange is where Christina Aguilera’s voice closely resembles her actual way of speaking, with few to no mannerisms.

It rises from the low register with an easy, light, feminine tone and a sweet lyrical quality. 

However, her voice is not without its little issues. When she goes above a C5, the higher, rougher chest notes tend to sound forced, strained, and unhealthy.

Those notes also lack consistency as a result of this technique and sometimes result in the voice cracking up. 

How Did Christina Aguilera Start Singing?

Christina Aguilera is a pop singer born in New York in December of 1980. Christina Aguilera’s music career began on Disney Channel’s The New Mickey Mouse Club’.

Aguilera was signed on to a recording contract after recording the song ‘Reflection’ for the popular Disney film Mulan in 1998. 

She went ahead to release her self-titled debut album  in the dance-oriented pop music style in 1999.

The album and Aguilera’s first single, ‘Genie in a Bottle’,  were a success and soared to top the Billboard pop charts within a short period.  

Her success continued with her winning the Grammy Award for best new artist in 1999.

She released a Spanish album Mi Reflejo (My reflection) in 2000 and which was followed by My Kind of Christmas. 

Her success continued with her 2002 and 2006 albums. In 2010, she released Bioni and Lotus in 2012, however both albums were considered to be disappointments.

She revived her career with her 2019 release ‘Loyal Brave True’ and has since then been involved in other musical activities.

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What Is Christina Aguilera’s Vocal Range?

Christina Aguilera has a four octave voice range extending from C3 to C7.

The middle range is where Christina Aguilera’s singing most closely resembles her real speaking voice, with few if any mannerisms. 

It rises from the low register with a simple, gentle, feminine tone and a lovely lyrical performance which we see in ‘Birds of Prey’. 

She can also  take on a full and weighty tone in her lower range by shifting the voice box from neutral location.

What Is The Highest Note Christina Aguilera Can Sing?

Christina Aguilera can sing as high as the C7 note and has a large head register that extends up through what is typically viewed as the whistle register area.

At this level,  the notes are typically breathy, sweet, and light, with an elegant and falsetto-like performance . 

Aguilera is able to thicken  the tone and create a sharper, more incisive one in contrast to just being airy. 

Whatever style she employs, she can perform intricate, fast melisma which we see in ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ while also easily transitioning into or from other parts of her range.

What Are Some Classic Christina Aguilera Songs To Practice?

  • Reflection: This song is from the theme-song of Disney’s popular animation film Mulan, and it was a major breakout song for Christina Aguilera as well as one of her early hits. The song introduces Aguilera’s trademark powerful vocals to the audience.
  • Genie In a Bottle: Christina’s debut album’s lead single, ‘Genie in a Bottle’ became an instant success. Both the song and its accompanying music video are reminiscent of the popular “bubblegum pop” style of teenage music of that time.
  • What a Girl Wants: The second popular hit from Christina Aguilera’s first album, like “Genie in a Bottle,” also has a catchy bubblegum style of music. The vocals demonstrated Aguilera’s dynamic range, prompting comparisons between Aguilera and famous super talented vocalist Mariah Carey. 


Christina Aguilera saw her rise into music with the mushy bubble gum pop style of music and she has worked to improve on her style ever since then.

With close to two decades in the singing industry, she has established herself as one of the greatest singers of all times according to Rolling Stone.

Classified as a lyric mezzo soprano, Aguilera voice spans four octaves and two notes and she is unique for her ability to transcend between different parts of her vocal register and transition smoothly.

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